Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I (Honestly) Wore Wednesday

If you haven't been following this lovely brainchild of mine (and also Maryam), essentially we are posting each Wednesday what we honestly wore on that particular day.  No concerns for vanity or pretty outfits, just plain old honest clothing and appearance.

Of course this was much more relevant for me when I was working from home.

Now I'm at a client site (at least for this week) and my outfits are [insert huge sigh] work appropriate.  But usually I can still pull the lazy card with my work outfits, it's just slightly harder to see.  This is me at work:


Why this outfit still counts as lazy:

1. You all know of my self-professed hatred of ironing.  This shirt I'm wearing never has to be ironed.  It's amazing.

2. When I wear this shirt I think of the time that I may have encountered bedbugs in a hotel I stayed at.  Mercifully the bedbugs didn't follow me home but this shirt had to be dry-cleaned (paid for by the hotel, of course) and hasn't really worn the same since.

3. The shirt is a wee bit too short so if I bend over or crouch (this happens a lot at my job as we are constantly searching for outlets to plug in our laptops) my lower back tattoos will show, sometimes creating awkward situations with clients (but mostly just curiosity).  

4. The sweater I'm wearing? I bought it at Old Navy a year or so ago and use it with every single outfit I wear to work to hide my arm tattoos.  This sweater has a sizable hole in one of the armpits yet I continue to wear it and just can't be bothered to spend $19.99 on yet another work cardigan.

5. The pants I'm wearing, which you cannot see, also never need to be ironed.  Thank you, Express! I simply lay these puppies flat on a chair or over some surface and they don't require any work at all.

6. I still have two shirts in my hotel closet that have seen an iron once and have been worn a total of once each because they are quite simply too much work. I wear this shirt in this picture an average of 2-3 times per week.

7. I'm staffing an open lab this week at the client site and it has been pretty quiet.  That's why you get an iPad picture.

What are you honestly wearing this Wednesday?

And make sure to check out Maryam's feature. :)

AHHH and did I mention that I'll be leaving for home the day after tomorrow? I won't actually be home until Saturday morning but still! I am sooo close!  Exclamation points!!!! Extra letters!!!!! Italics!!!!!


  1. Hooray for going home! And lazy work clothes! Seriously, when I worked in an office almost all my pants were express because they didn't need to be ironed haha!

  2. the concept of these posts is just hilarious! i've been tempted to show what i wear on the days i work from home, but then i wonder if i really want to send the message that i'm homeless and looking for work (i wear a sweatshirt with holes, or a t-shirt with holes depending on the temperature) and my favorite floral pajama pants).

    i can understand the aversion to ironing...that's why i throw everything in the dryer for a few minutes to get the wrinkles out!

  3. I also hate to iron. I buy clothes based on that hatred. Also, that's awesome you're going home soon! You've been in Arizona so long!

  4. Ironing.... UGH! I'm glad I can wear pretty much whatever I want to work, but I usually still hide my tattoos.

  5. i love it!!!! i should really start doing this post. it would be comical. i'm more like @danielle and dinosaur toes

  6. love the look...laziness can be oh so stylish!

  7. Ha you look so cute! And I hate it when shirts are awkward lengths and come up a little...and I also HATE ironing. I always wear clothes that are wrinkly, woops! Looks bad but I don't really care. Too much work!


  8. I found you at Sweet Green Tangerine's blog & I'm glad I did!

    Your top is cute! I cant pull off ruffles. sigh. or cute short hair like yours. You're adorable. 'Nuff said. :) happy friday.

  9. Hey Ms. Caitlin I'm linking up with you guys for this feature! How fun :P


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