Sunday, May 27, 2001

Hello!  My name is Caitlin.  I live in western Maine with the love of my life, my soulmate and best friend.  I'm lucky enough to have all three of those things in one person, and his name is Rob. 

I work as a software training consultant, traveling all around the country teaching all of higher education how to use a campus management tool that my company works with.   I love getting to see all the different parts of our wonderful country and work with all the awesome people in my industry.

We are the owners of the most gorgeous dog in the world, Cypress.  She is some sort of husky mix and, cheesy as it sounds, has enriched our lives more than we ever could've imagined. She likes walks, runs, panting, chasing rocks into bodies of water, chewing raw bones, eating human food, and wrestling with her beast-friends.

When I'm not traveling around for work I enjoy photography, tattoos, frolicking with Robbie and Cypress, snuggling, reading, writing, watching mindless television, listening to good music, not feeling anxious, lilacs, and blogging.