Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I Honestly Wore Wednesday

So for the first time this Wednesday I actually photographed myself wearing pajama pants and a giant sweatshirt, which is what I usually wear, instead of jeans or a work outfit.  Today you are seeing the real Caitlin.

The really lazy one who loves to be comfy.

Try to contain yourselves:


Couple of things:

1. I thought of moving all the junk in our hallway, but that wouldn't be honest now, would it? My house is a mess.

2. If you can't read my sweatshirt, it says "Stewart/Colbert 2008." I bought this in 2006 and wore it all through college.

3. Those pants are wicked comfy.

4. That's my cell phone in my kangaroo pocket, not some weird square baby bump. HONESTY!

5. I'm still without my nice camera, so once again, apologies for the point and shoot photos.

6. Can you handle how sexy I am right now?

As always, linking up with Maryam today.

What did you wear today?


  1. Your hair... I am so jealous! Also, who DO you root for? We're Colbert fangirls. ;)

    I wore a very sleepy face, a snake skin print t-shirt and my ripped (newly ripped, might I add) denim. I hate typing plural of jean... Stupid OCD.

  2. I still haven't put a bra on today... I'm still in the man-friend's shirt and some running shorts. Working on homework and blogging all day gives me that excuse, right? I swear I was still incredibly productive!!
    PS: you are so cute! I love your hair!

  3. Amazing shirt. But you should see what I'm wearing, I should start doing this with you guys because Wednesdays are my Saturdays and ... well today I call it my 'superhero' outfit. It's tights, hotpants on top and a t-shirt. And slippers obvi.

    I'll send you a photo actually so you can get the whole picture.

  4. And you still look fabulous! Looks so comfy, I think I need to go change out of my jeans now :)

  5. Ta daah!

  6. Awesome sweatshirt...I want one!

  7. Today was definitely one of my super lazy days where I just edited in my PJs all day long and it was absolutely wonderful, hehe!

  8. love it! i've been in workout clothes all day. i think i'm going to link up with you guys, love this feature!

  9. Hysterical. I love Colbert by the way!

  10. Oh Caitlin you are awesome lol! That is basically what I am wearing right now. Sweater and sweatpants. Nothing beats it. Love the honest outfit posts :)

  11. sweats all the way! you know, i only ever take pictures of what i wear when i have to meet with clients (and let's face it, would they really take me seriously if i showed up in floral flannel pants and a motorcycle sweatshirt? probably not), but i look a lot like your outfit here most days, only i have a streak of bird poop going down my shoulder. i know, it's gross, tell it to flojo.

  12. My kind of outfit!! I was dressed fairly similar for the first half of the day... and now I'm dressed like that again. =D

  13. I worked until 7 today, but the first thing I did when I got home was change into my go-to sweatpants and my oversized Han Solo t-shirt. I love comfy days like this :) Oh and I love that sweatshirt-super sexy lol

  14. That seems like my kind of outfit! I ALWAYS change into sweats when I get home from work or whenever...LOVE THEM! :) Cute girl!!!

  15. What a hilarious post! I should do this at some point.


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