Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some Misconceptions You Might Have

Sometimes I look around our apartment and realize that someone walking into the house might have some misconceptions about us.  I can't say that these misconceptions would be totally unfounded because, let's face it, we can be kind of misleading.

Below are some of the things in our house that might give you pause or make you think we are either far better or far worse than we actually are.  For your convenience I've included the most probable misconception and the actual truth of the matter.

1. Our liquor collection placed on one of our major countertops.


What it says about us: We are raging alcoholics.

The truth: My husband is a raging alcoholic. 
We don't have space in our liquor cabinet for it all.
Rob wanted to make Long Islands for Veteran's Day and they require a lot of different types of booze. We're too lazy to put them away.
You know what, never mind.

2. Empty bottles on another major countertop.


What it says about us: We genuinely care about recycling and we really like Yankee Candles.

The truth: Our shed is almost literally bursting with empty bottles and cans that we have yet to take to the redemption center.  That's right, in Maine we can make money off our recyclables and it's still not enough to get us to drive them the 3 miles to the redemption center and we really like Yankee Candles.

3. Layers upon layers of shower drawings.


What it says about us: We're free-spirited hipsters who feel the need to create art wherever and whenever it comes to us.

The truth: We have the collective sense of humor and taste of 5-year-olds and we're too lazy to clean off a layer of drawings, and instead just draw other inane crap on top of the old stuff.

Lord help us when we finally decide to have children.

What does your house say about you?

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  1. haha! oh man i love it. this is a great post. i may be inspired to do a similar one ;)

  2. as long as it's vodka and not the nasty brown crap, we can be friends.

    i love the shower drawings, and i've actually been telling chris for years that we need some of the soap crayons (because he always likes to draw things on the mirror for me when it's steamy while i'm taking a shower).

    very funny post!

  3. My house says "trailer trash," "meth burnout," or "homeless slob."
    I don't think your house seems so bad ha ha.

  4. My house says that I'm underemployed and a perfectionist who is short since none of our fans are ever dusted. I love your shower drawings; I might have to invest in some of those crayons!

  5. This post is hilarious. I mean, I can't stop laughing.

    I have an entire cabinet full of empty wine bottles. Just from the last week. (I am not an alcoholic. I think).

    What my house says about me now: I am an EXTREME minimalist (or extremely picky). The truth: I don't want to spend money on furniture until after the holidays, and I am going back to the states for the entire month of December. Seemed better to wait. lol.

  6. shower drawings? i did not know there was such a thing! hilarious!

  7. Haha this is awesome! I still love how you and Rob draw each other pictures in the shower. I remember when I first started reading your blog that was one of the first thing I read and I was like "um, I need a husband that does that with me"!!

  8. 1. Crayon/marker/lipstick do you use to write on the shower walls? 2. Any idea where Ashleen got Brielle pink bubble bath? She had a picture of it a while ago. Clearly we don't need kids either...

  9. The shower? You kill me, lady. You two are going to be awesome parents.

  10. What a cool house that you are staying in, never seen one like it. Have fun


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