Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Last-of-October Bits and Pieces

Since I don't currently possess the ability to form a coherent post (I'm 3 days away from my trip home, eeee!) I'm going to bore you all with another bits & pieces post.

1. Last Friday I visited Michelle and Chad at their home for a dinner party! They made a delicious squash and quinoa soup with gluten-free cornbread...both were delish and I was so grateful that they were willing to come up with such a great gluten-free meal.  Also at this dinner extravaganza were Danielle, Henry and Hank and Adie and Addison.  So awesome to finally meet so many bloggers that I've admired from a (very far) distance!  After dinner Michelle, Chad and I chilled by the fireplace until 9:30 or so, when my sister came into town and I had to meet up with her at the hotel.  Thanks a million times to Michelle and Chad for the yummy dinner and for all of them for putting up with my overwhelming awkwardness.

2. On Saturday my sister Megan and I drove to the Grand Canyon for round 2.  I must say that it's just as amazing the second time, especially when you decide to splurge at the gift shop.


Words can't express how morbidly excited I am to read this book I bought:


I wish I could've taken Megan to Sedona and Jerome, but she had to get back to the other campus in Florida for the week.  I was so glad she could come at all and that we got to share a few drinks and 30 Rock together.

3. I met up with another blogger, Sara, on Sunday at a local health food store.  Sara and her husband both eat gluten-free, so I always know I'm safe when they recommend a place to eat. :) I had such a good time chatting with Sara about anything and everything.  Turns out we have a ton in common and were soon talking like old friends.  There's a picture she took of us (beware, I am without makeup) on her blog here, so you should check it out and follow her.  We went out again last night to Macayo's and she helped save my sanity from a rather insane day (the giant margarita helped also).  I hope I can meet up with her again at some point. :)

4. I've been feeling a little disillusioned with blogging lately as I've encountered more...I don't know, negativity? I guess? It's not so much negativity as it is people taking blogging, and themselves, so damn seriously. I'm also frustrated at the fact that I can't really vent about it on my blog without being accused of blogging negativity myself.  Alright, I'm done whining.

5. You should all check out my new and existing sponsors on the right-hand side.  Just saying.

6. I bought some new cardigans and things at Target and I'm loving the fall colors:


7.  Did I mention that I have only 3 days until I begin my journey home?  Let me say that this just cannot come fast enough.  I'm ready to sleep in my own bed and not deal with having a marriage-by-phone.  The last few days have been really rough on me and as awesome as Arizona has been, it can never surpass home.  Even though home is currently around 40 degrees and saw a huge snowstorm last weekend.

8. Have you entered the hand-stamped card and gift tag giveaway yet?

I hope you all have a great week!


  1. That book looks very interesting! I haven't been to the Grand Canyon in years, but we are planning on going this upcoming summer--- if I read the book maybe I'll change my mind though!

    I know what you mean about blogging negativity. Sometimes I just want to cyber scream IT'S MY BLOG, I CAN DO WHAT I WANT!

  2. I had a great time with you too and I'm really glad we got to meet! I'm glad you get to go home now that we've gotten to "hang out."
    I think I'd like to read that book too now, based on your description of it. =]

  3. Wait, is there something wrong with blogging negativity? I love spreading the word of pessimism to all that may happen upon my blog. Have I missed something here? And it's your blog, so you can blog about whatever your little heart desires (and I'll still read it).

  4. i have that sweater form target! i love it! so jealous you got to go to the grand canyon TWICE! i've been wanting to go for years.

  5. I've heard of that book! Great buys -especially that necklace. Beautiful! Oh, I miss AZ


  6. I think it's your own damn blog and you can write about what you want. Haters can go....well....you know. Just my 2 cents.

    I am really excited that you're going home soon! Any fun plans for when you get back?


    That's so cool that you had like a blogger-dinner thing. It seems like you've been keeping SUPER busy in AZ but that's just how it should be.

    THREE DAYS though! I'm almost as excited as you are at this point for you to be going home. I sense a lovely and amazing reunion in your future :)

  8. You missed the earliest snowstorm in over 100 years...in Maine that is. So be happy :)

    Glad your trip went well, safe travels back.

  9. I bet you are so ready to be home.
    I hear ya about people taking themselves and blogging so seriously. Psh. Just keep doing what youre doing, its awesome.

  10. Hiii! I just wanted to tell you again how nice it was to meet you. You are seriously GORGEOUS and very charming, witty and fun. I hope you are having a good weekend <3.


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