Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lilies and such.

EDIT: Here is the address to my Flickr account...assuming you guys wanted to check out more pictures! :)


Yesterday was my 23rd birthday! It passed with relatively little excitement, as most birthdays do after the age of 21. Rob took me out to eat at this yummy Italian place near here, and we had delicious strawberry/white chocolate gelato with chocolate shavings.

As a birthday gift my mother paid for a $25 gift certificate to an organization called Kiva ( Your money is given in the form of micro-loans to business owners in poorer countries; the money helps them establish or maintain their business and, when they are able, they pay your loan back. A really cool idea, I thought. I gave my $25 to a restaurant owner in Nigeria. When she pays it back I’ll loan it to someone else who needs it, and on and on. Kind of a neat gift idea, I thought.

We’ve started/are continuing the moving process very slowly. Rob got kind of annoyed with me last weekend because I started cleaning out closets and bringing over other stuff we don’t need immediately. My reasoning was that I might as well clear out all the little stuff (which, when you’re moving, is the most aggravating in my opinion) first so all we have left is the big furniture-type stuff when we’re getting down to the wire. Displaying great forethought—and, admittedly, some obsessive-compulsive tendencies—I already called both the electric and cable companies to inform them of our move (as of June 12th). We will actually get a cable guy at our new apartment ON June 12th, as opposed to waiting a week or two weeks without cable, as a reward for my anal-retentive attention to details. I also notified the post office to begin forwarding my mail as of June 12th. Can you tell I have a need to control unknown or unfamiliar situations?

In other mundane yet personally exciting news, the calla lilies that Rob and I planted this past April actually sprouted! We’d given up on them as a lost cause (since it’s been kind of chilly here lately and they are a tropical flower), but this morning, lo and behold, there was a tiny, inch-long green sprout coming out of the dirt. Needless to say I was thrilled. If we can actually grow our own calla lilies (though I have a feeling that the tiny inch-long sprout is just about the only thing we’ll get) it’ll mean free wedding flowers next July!

And some pictures from the new Nikon D-60!

I wanted to post more, but Blogger takes forever.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Regarding comments.

I was told that people were having problems commenting on the blog. Does it work now?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to everyone. Thank a veteran.

I took Robbie out to eat and we're going to see a movie later. Today we honored "the people who didn't get to be veterans," as he put it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you've done for this country.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Playing with the new camera...

Well we played with the camera for awhile and these are the only ones (out of 74 pictures) that were even remotely passable. And I realize that they aren't all that great. Please keep in mind that I really have NO idea what I'm doing.

I LOVE this picture.

This raccoon was Rob's "good luck charm" while he was in Iraq. She means a lot to both of us :)

My darling beast.

I am the proud new owner...

of a NIKON D60!

I told Robbie that I was interested in pursuing photography as a hobby, and for my birthday (which is actually next Wednesday) he went ahead and bought me a crazy nice amateur camera.

I was expressing my concern to Lala about my ability to "live up" to this camera. I'm going to try my damndest and I will try to share them on here, if you're interested.

So, happy early birthday to me!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I decided to get a new blog. Hopefully I keep it up better than my previous blogs, and hopefully it’s at least marginally more interesting. I have my doubts. When you don’t live an interesting life it’s hard to write interesting material for a family Christmas newsletter let alone a daily/weekly blog entry.


I’m looking around for jobs. I can hold my current position until October, but I am keeping my options open by applying for a myriad of other positions.

My darling fiancĂ© and I are moving. We found an apartment in a duplex that is much more “us” and I think will be much easier to live in than our current apartment. Our co-tenants in the apartment we live in now have a, shall we say “interesting,” view of how apartment life should be. Essentially, they believe that everyone should be silent all the time. No walking, friends, fun, happiness, laughter, music, etc. Just quiet. They complained to us when my sister came to visit and brought her 25-lb puppy who happened to run around the house a bit. No barking or whining, just moving. They came upstairs and complained (rather rudely, I might add), and we realized that for the past year we’ve been literally tiptoeing around trying to make them happy. Though we are quiet 98.999% of the time, we did not gain a modicum of understanding during the one evening that happened to be a little louder than usual. As a result of this confrontation, I had to drive my sister to her house (an hour and a half away) at 11:00 at night. Needless to say we were NOT pleased.

So, within the next 3-4 weeks we are moving and I couldn’t be happier. Well, I could be happier if the new apartment wasn’t just a little more expensive than the current place, but hey, you have to take what you can get, right? R is quite excited to move, as am I. I think I’m going to throw some crap in my car later today and drive it over, just because I can. I’m trying to make the moving process as painless as possible. I figure if I do a little at a time I won’t go totally insane the week before we’re set to move in.

Well, I’m just as boring as before. But, regardless, welcome to my new blog.