Friday, November 4, 2011

Things I Love...Whenever.

Yeah yeah, I haven't been great about posting these on Thursday, but life is all about taking risks and breaking rules, right?


The Most Beautiful Suicide.  Apparently this photo/story is quite old, but I'd never seen it before. Very moving and haunting.

The world's population hit 7 billion.  What's your number? (Thanks Alice!)

I loved all of Betsey J's Halloween posts, but especially these Halloween Inspired Cocktails and Mocktails. Yummy!

I was turned on to these watches through Sam of Young People in Love.  I think this would be perfect for me, who is allergic to every conceivable type of metal (including the metal in watch fasteners).

Creative writing for dummies.  I never write fiction but this guide could come in handy should I try.

Check out these awesome photos from the NatGeo archives!

My friend, sponsor, and photographer Justine shared Donna's story, about a little girl with an aggressive brain tumor. It's long, but I read the entire thing in one sitting.  And totally cried my eyes out.  Being a childhood cancer survivor myself, and having several friends who died as children from cancer, many of whom had the same spirit and tenacity as Donna, I really connected with this story. Here is the first post - you can move through each post chronologically using the "Donna's Cancer Story" section on the right-hand side of the page.

Cutest thing I've seen all week.

50 Hilarious Things that Siri Says.

Lauren has shared this, but I think it's just awesome. Out of Print Clothing.

Scarf tutorials? Yes please!

Be a more productive writer.

Pretty sure my husband would love to see me in one of these 7 Geeky Dresses.

Confession: After seeing that last article, I totally bought this dress.

And finally: I go home today barring no cancellations or delays!!!!1!!1!

What are you loving this fine Friday?


  1. I took both of those writing articles! I need that Star Wars dress, I was the 5,198,954,430th person on Earth and I want a baby dolphin now.

  2. This was really interesting to read!


  3. Wow. That story of the most beautiful suicide is definitely moving.

    As an owner of one of those watches from Meggie's Love, I do have to say they are AMAZING. And so worth it.

    Love the geeky dresses!

    And have a safe trip home today! Weather here is beautiful, so getting into Maine shouldn't be any trouble!


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