Sunday, November 6, 2011

This Weekend...

This weekend, I am thankful for:

// Being in my home state after a whole month.

// Frost on the ground and foliage past peak.

// Dinner with some friends.

// Photobooth sessions with Amie that turn out like this:


// Taking a family nap together, cuddling with my husband and telling him how much I missed him.

// Finally spending time with two of my favorite beings in the whole world:


What are you thankful for this weekend?


  1. Awwww, yay for being home! I can't imagine how happy you are. :)

  2. So happy for you finally getting to be back home where you belong! =]

  3. Those pictures are trippy. Welcome home! :)

  4. i loved when peppy and i used to be able to take naps together! glad you made it back home safely!!

  5. those pics are awesome. made me laugh ;)

    naps together are the best. i'm thankful for my hubbie this weekend cuz he's redoing our bathroom!

  6. Awww yay! Welcome home. =] Those photobooth pictures are hilariously awesome.

  7. Haha, absolutely adore those photo-booth photos -SO cute!! As for being thankful?! Always happy to spend some quality R & R time with the hubby. Hope your week is super. xo veronika


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