Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Coming Soon: Caitlin & Rob Super #1 Vlogtime Extravaganza

So I had this idea to do a joint husband-wife vlog.

That's right.

Rob and I, together on video, answering your questions and doing what we do.

As you can imagine, Rob is not excited at all SUPER EXCITED about this idea.

So, if you have any questions for me, Rob, or for me and Rob, leave them for me/us in the comments and we will answer our favorites together in vlog form!

I feel like this will be a fun way for some of my newer readers to get to know me, and for everyone to know a little more about Rob, darling little enigma that he is.

Have a wonderful week everyone! We look forward to reading your questions!


  1. This is an awesome idea! Questions below:

    One for each of you :)
    Caitlin- Do you enjoy all the traveling you do for work? Or do you prefer to work from home? (I think I know the answer to this but I'm asking anyways. Ha!)

    Rob- Favorite Arrested Development episode? Go!

  2. Oh this is so exciting! We finally get to *kind of* meet Rob:) Ummmm okay questions. Must brainstorm.

    1) How does Rob feel about you blogging about your story with him/every day life?

    2) Do you guys have pet peeves about one another? (I don't mean to start fights here, just curious haha :P)

    3) Do you guys have a moment that you both agree is a favorite in your relationship?

    K I hope those aren't too awful! I'm excited! :)

  3. Yessssss I love vlogs, and I love joint vlogs!!! You guys are too cute :) I'm just gonna go with mostly couple-y questions....

    1) Both: When did you know you wanted to marry each other?
    2) Both: What is your favorite memory of each other while you were dating?
    3) Both: Are you morning or night people?
    4) Both: What is your favorite food?
    5) Both: What is your favorite movie to watch together?

  4. love it!! jon would never do it. i can hardly get him to read my blog. lol.

    let me think about some questions ;)

  5. This is awesome! All of my ideas are already questions... can't wait to see it! =]

  6. I've seen a few couple q&a vlogs, they are always so cute!

    What are your favorite things to do when you are not together?

    (My guy can't wait to go fishing every week and I like to tend to my garden with a class of vino in tow)



    Ryan @ Thismustbetheplaceryan

  7. Ohh fun... Scott likes to pretend that my blog does not exist...

    What kind of dog would you get Cypress?

    Where would you like to live after Rob graduates, and why? Specifically.

    Who do you guys still keep in touch with, regularly, from high school?

  8. ooh can i have a shout out? thats all i want hehe... say something like "we love donna" or "donna is silly" i don't even care what you say.. :P

  9. Rob: If it's ok, and if you're comfortable ansewering, how do you feel about DADT beind repealed?

    Caitlin: Have you ever gotten weirded out by an email from a reader?

    Cypress: Woof?

    Couple: How do you guys do the divsion of labor in the house? I'm sure your arrangement is unique with Caitlin being gone so much. But if that wasn't the case how would it work out?

    Thanks guys! I am exicited! ...With Club Sauce.


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