Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday & Weekend Bits and Pieces

1. Our Thanksgiving was absolutely wonderful.  It was weird to think that this may (fingers crossed) very well be our last Thanksgiving in Maine for a few years, but I think we made the best out of it.  Rob and I spent the actual holiday with my family, since we will be with his for Christmas morning (gotta love married people holidays, eh?).  My dad was extra careful not to contaminate any of my Thanksgiving food with nasty stuffing or contaminated butter, and I didn't get sick! My cousin and her five children, who moved to South Carolina last year just after our wedding, surprised the whole family by driving up in a blinding snowstorm.  We had a blast seeing them again and seeing how much her kids had grown.  I used to change these kids' diapers and now they're in high school - I feel so old!  Anyway after spending the day in my dad's house, full of love and family, we drove to Rob's parents' for more of the same.  We watched "The Tree of Life" with Rob's mom, dad, and grandmother but were extremely disappointed.  Has anyone seen this movie, and if so, did it make you want to tear your eyes out in boredom as well?

2. On Friday Rob, Megan and I all babysat our niece, Brielle.  She's two years old and as such can be quite a handful, but a damn cute one.  We watched a hell of a lot of "Dora the Explorer" on Netflix and spent some time rummaging through Auntie Keke's (that's me) purse.  What's hilarious is that though we've always called Rob "Uncle Robbie" around Brielle, she randomly started to call him "Robbit." We've never called him Robert so I don't know where she gets it from, but it's pretty cute when she yells at him from the other room, "Robbit! Come here!" Ah, kids. She also is rather fond of "Depess" (Cypress) and managed to get her to "sit" by screaming "SIT DOWN" in her face.

3. I think I'm getting sick. And when I get sick I get whiny. Whine whine whine.

4. Rob and I are planning a trip to Florida in December and I am so excited about it.  Rob has two moms and one of them lives in a town sort of near Orlando.  We're going down on the 17th to visit her and spend a ton of time on the beach.  Rob's not much of a tourist attraction guy so he mostly wants to beach it and maybe do some hiking together.  Regardless, it won't be 20 degrees outside so I'll be happy.

5. Megan and I are also planning a trip to New York City in February!  In 6th grade I started writing to a penpal who lived in Israel, and we've talked ever since (though now on Facebook instead of letters).  She's going to be in New York in February and I figured it'd be a great chance to visit her and to see the Big Apple with my older sister.  After dinner with my "penpal," Megan and I are going to see a play (we really wanted to see the Book of Mormon but it was going to cost around $720 for the two of it'll probably be Avenue Q), visit 30 Rock and go ice skating!

6. Rob and I are gearing up for some big changes over the next six months (no, we aren't preparing to get pregnant) and we've been talking about it excitedly for the last few weeks.  We should know more by the time the new year rolls around so hopefully I'll have something to share then.

7. I had a dream last night that my sister let my niece swim in the Hudson River, and treated me like an overprotective aunt when I was freaking out about it.

How has your weekend been so far?


  1. Hooray for a good holiday and good times with family! I'm excited to see your Florida and New York trips and I'm excited for your news! =D

  2. that's one thing luke and i have yet to decide is where we'll go for holidays after we're married in june. haha hopefully it won't cause drama!

    glad you had a good thanksgiving! (other than the possibly being sick) haha

    xox, eden

  3. All of your trips & plans sound awesome. :) Can't wait to hear this "news" of yours! Have a great rest of your weekend, friend.

  4. I will keep my fingers crossed for you guys! I hope everything works out!

  5. maybe one day in the future we can play a florida trip and meet up! :) peppy's grandparents live right outside of orlando as well.

    hope you feel better!

  6. Yay for NYC trips! Wil and I tried to get tickets for The Book of Mormon during our honeymoon week. And,

  7. Can't wait to hear about your new big plans! and I'd be the over protective auntie too! lol

  8. I've been to NYC twice, and I'm dying to visit again (it's been six years since the last trip). I hope you guys have a great time, and yes, you must see a Broadway show. They are a lot of fun. If you're a museum person, I suggest the Museum of Modern Art. I really enjoyed the exhibits.

  9. Florida and New York both sound like fun! I hope you feel better though! :) My weekend was great! So busy though.

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  10. Sounds like a great weekend!! I'm excited for my nephew to be old enough that I can babysit and play with him hehe :)

    Big changes with Rob huh? I briefly read your giveaway post (which I'm obviously going to be participating in when I have a minute) that you're thinking of moving... That's so exciting! Is it weird that I'm sad you'll be so much further away from me?! Also, so jealous of all the trips you're planning! NYC and Florida are the last two trips I had planned but that fell through because of school work. Have fun for me too okay!


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