Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I (Honestly) Wore Wednesday

So I am linking up once again with Maryam from Pamplemousse on our new link-up party, "What I (Honestly) Wore Wednesday."

I want to apologize for not participating last I mentioned in my previous post it was a pretty insane week all around and I felt like I could barely function let along blog.  I'm sure you all missed seeing my awesome outfits.

Basically the goal of the link-up party is to show what we are honestly wearing on a Wednesday.  I typically work from home so usually I'm doing well to wear pants on a given day.  This week, however, I'm on a client site, which means I have look somewhat decent (boo).

So, behold, the outfit I wore to work today:



I know, I know...this outfit is actually halfway decent and not akin to pajamas.  However, I promise you that this still counts as an honest post for the following honest reasons:

1. I hate ironing.  Even though it takes a total of about 10 minutes it drives me absolutely insane.  As a result I have a nice stock of clothes that don't generally require ironing, such as this sweater, and I generally just keep recycling those outfits over and over.  This is outfit one of three that I do this with.  I have two other shirts and another pair of pants, but they all have required ironing and I just can't get up the energy to do so.

2. The undershirt I'm wearing has doubled my pajama tank top for the last few days.

3. My fly was totally unzipped for this mini-photo sesh.

4. I was straight out of the shower with no makeup or spectacles.

5. My camera is dead so you get a grainy cell phone photo.  What's lazier than that?

So see? I'm still the same old lazy Caitlin.

You should go link up at Maryam's blog!  She hasn't seen as much participation as she would've liked and I'd love to see this keep going :)


  1. I love this. And I feel like this is me all the time. I'm linking up as soon as I take some pictures of myself!

  2. Dude, I never iron. It's the worst.

  3. I'll do this, I'll do this!!! I'm just waiting until the 'rents leave so I can shower. (They hate when Jen or I shower during the day. Why? I have no idea.)

    Also, ironing is sucky!

  4. I only iron when sewing because it really does make a difference on the seams.

    Also Downy wrinkle release is a miracle worker! Few sprays, shake the garment, and bam! It's wrinkle free!

  5. That undershirt thing... I do that. That's me. Love this!

  6. Haha I love this :) And I do like the outfit! I never iron either. Like ever. I use wrinkle release and would die without it.

  7. um, i told jon when he married me that i don't iron. in fact, i JUST bought an ironing board the other week. we didn't even own an iron till my mom bought us one two years ago.

    and, you look beautiful as always. you don't need makeup!

  8. You look gorgeous, you don't need make-up!! Love your sweater, I could live in those things!!

  9. You look beautiful and so damn comfty. Also, LOVE your room!!! :)


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