Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Bits & Pieces

I hope you all had a positively magical weekend!  Here's a few bits and pieces from the last few days.

1.  First of all, thank you a million times for all of your comments on my Honesty post - I was overwhelmed by the response!  I'm considering making it a semi-regular feature here and giving the opportunity for others to link up...not weekly per se, but every so often just sharing some honesty in the same vein as the post and seeing others' posts!  Be honest, would that be totally lame and self-serving?

2. On Saturday I took my friend Amie to add to her tattoo as a birthday gift.  It's a combination of her and her sisters' zodiac signs and, as always, Adam did a fabulous job.  Rob has originally planned to get a Sailor Jerry-style swallow, but while waiting for Amie he perused a tattoo magazine and randomly found a design he liked better.  He said that it reminded him of me :) Not only is it his first color, it's the first he's done below his elbow.


3. Today Amie and I went to Hallowell, Maine to have lunch and such. I bought a $129 winter jacket for $80, thanks to a friend of ours who works at Gap. Win! Hallowell is a lovely little town, very much quintessential New England.  We ate a delish gluten-free lunch (with martinis and mimosas, of course), had lots of girl talk, and checked out some of the local antique and craft shops.  I found a vintage Pyrex piece and having been inspired by the lovely Sarah I bought it, and for only $12!  Overall a wonderful day spent with a lovely friend.  


4. I've been feeling quite stressed lately and I'm not totally sure why.  I'm not sure if it's because I'm through with work and life is pretty calm, or what. I find myself dreading something but can't quite put my finger on what it is.  Has anyone else ever felt that? It's making my head ache.

5. Is anyone else excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas? I watched the 30 Rock Christmas episode from a few years ago the other day and just about peed myself.

6. Rob and I are legit watching "Aladdin" right now.

7. I am legit considering a 30 Rock tattoo.

Have a great Sunday, all!


  1. I was about to say you're stressing about the holidays until I saw that you're excited for them. I myself am an excited-nervous kind of holiday person, mostly just nervous and wish I could wake up to discover it's already the next day. I haven't seen Aladdin in FOREVER!

  2. I know what you mean about feeling stressed when there's a season of calm. I feel weird right now because of the same thing.

    Tattoo = awesome.

    I LOVE the holidays. I also think you should get some diapers for that pee situation. ;)

    You guys & your tattoos make me want another. Thanks a lot. ;)

  3. 1) I really like the idea of weekly honesty posts! I promise to link up as often as I can think of honest things to talk about :)

    2) LOVE the tattoo! Awesome. I think a 30 rock tattoo for you would also be awesome because you identify so much with the character!

    3) I hate that dreading/stressed feeling and you're not sure what it's about. Sometimes our subconscious seems to know things about us that we haven't come to terms with. You'll get there!

    4) You live so close to me, I keep forgetting you're actually American and that you haven't had Thanksgiving yet. That's always been so strange to me! Why do we have different Thanksgivings? I never even bothered to find out.

    Happy weekend to youuuu girly! :)

  4. yay! happy new tattoo day! p.s. totally loved the honesty post...i'm just no good at commenting so when my eyes want to close and my mind wants to sleep. ;)

  5. I'm getting tattooed in a few weeks, but I need to trek to NYC for it... boo. I'd like to visit Maine sometimes this fall/winter. I've only been to the outlets pretty much.

  6. I still watch Aladdin too! hahaha it's a classic!

    Belly B :)

  7. A 30 Rock tattoo? Sounds like a great idea to me! What are you thinking of?

  8. I loved that you were "legit" watching Aladdin! :)

  9. ahhh i spent so many summers in hallowell! this post made me so homesick.

    also, i would totally link up with you for that honesty feature-- i loved it.

  10. i want amie's hair. :) no, really, i do. i'm jealous of any gal who has dreads.

  11. 30 rock is tattoo worthy for sure. These are all so lovely! Maybe you're worried that something's going to go wrong? x hivenn

  12. This sounds like so much fun! Awesome tattoo, btw.

  13. You should totally do the "honesty" thing again! I did one of my hideous house and got tons of great response. It was validating! Also, I love Rob's tattoo. Nice! Oh, and I hate feeling like something is wrong or eating at me but can't put a finger on it. I hope you either figure it out or it goes away!

  14. I know I have came across your blog before, I think.. anyways, totally enjoyed it. Legit, get that tattoo girl!
    btw, your blog design is awesome. I dig it. Oh and the feeling of dread, what is up with that. Been getting that way too. Maybe its the holidays?

  15. I loved your honesty post so much. I sat down to give it a read last night, and was really touched by your words. It's so refreshing to see real people's lives when so much around us is a blanketed facade of what's really underneath.


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