Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I Honestly Wore Wednesday

Yep, it's that time again folks: the moment in the week where you get to feel superior about your fashion choices!

Without further ado, here is what I am quite honestly wearing today. I'm only going to subject you to one picture.


You see, today is sick day at the CaiRob (Roblin? Crob?) house.  Rob skipped classes this morning--though admittedly this could be more due to laziness than sickness--and I could hardly roll my ass out of bed at all.  I'm up, though, and this is what I look like.

Is there anything better than wearing bulky, shapeless sweatshirts when you're sick and cold?  I think not.

Also, I've had those sweatpants since I was maybe a sophomore in high school.  Notice the "Aeropostale" label? Yeah, I was pretty hip and brand-aware back then so...

Don't forget to visit Maryam to see her awesomely honest outfit and to link up.

Also, wanted to thank you guys for your comments on my last's nice to be myself and still be accepted. You're all amazing!


  1. definitely go with roblin! ;)

    i'm rocking the sweats and sweatshirt today too...i'm too lazy to put on anything else and it's freaking cold this morning! when it's cold out i lose all motivation to look semi-cute. heehee.
    have a great day girl! feel better.

  2. I am rocking footie pajamas and a hoodie today. I would take a photo but I'm trying to finish a novel!

  3. Looks comfy! Hope you get feeling better!

  4. I found your blog via when I made a joke about starting a feature post on what I wear most days. ...too short fleece Hello Kitty pants and my boyfriend's too big Zelda t-shirt. Yeah, I'm home a lot haha. Seriously though, these posts are so awesome!! Love it!

  5. Nothing better than worn in track pants, I'm wearing my Adidas pair right now!!!

  6. I am so jealous that that's how you spent your morning! I was at work dealing with crazy shoppers. I need a sweat-pants day! Pronto!

  7. Even though this meme is all about honesty, I'm not sure I'm ready to debut what I honestly wear most of the days I'm home with N. I look homeless a lot.

  8. oh you look so comfy! sick, but comfy. and big huge sweatshirts??? wear em all the time!! i love to raid jon and my dad's closet. is that weird?

  9. Looks snuggly! I kind of want to do this but can't bring myself to...

    Also, I wish Charlie and I were celebrities so we'd be referred to as Chalice.


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