Sunday, October 30, 2011

Things I Love...Sunday.

I haven't done this in so long but have found so many amazing things online, and am therefore doing this early (late?).


I am loving Kaelah's "Honest to Blog" feature, but especially her latest post on ulterior blogging motives.

Some awesome tree takeovers.

Leigh-Ann created this awesome hand-stitching DIY tutorial...this seems easy enough even for me to try it!

17 Things You Might Not Know about "The Lion King."

The 50 Creepiest Pieces of Romantic Advice Ever Published.  This made me laugh out loud soo you should check it out.

I watch this video every Halloween...and you should too. Seriously, go do it now.

I really want to try this recipe to make your own tomato soup!

Will anyone else watch this along with me on Monday?

Love this Stress Free Manifesto...thanks Nova!

Oh lord, these costumes...I die! My favorite is the Goblin King (I have secret dreams of making Rob go as the Goblin King with our baby dressed as Toby).

Great pumpkin carving art.  These are amazing!

A dog's seeing eye dog.  This warmed my heart quite a bit, I won't lie to you.

This story about a marine who notifies families of fallen loved ones turned me into an absolute mess...but it's an absolutely lovely story if you can get through it.

I bought these Christmas cards to send out this year! Aren't they adorable?  Anyone want to do a Christmas/Holiday card exchange?


Have a great rest of the weekend, lovely readers!


  1. I just read Kaelah's "Honest to Blog" feature too, and absolutely loved it. It's so hard to gauge what peoples real thoughts are over the internet and in the blog world, if you were hanging out with them in person I know it would be a lot easier to figure out.

    And as for Hocus Pocus I am not ashamed to say I've already watched it twice this month, and will surely watch it again Monday night :)

  2. My friend sent me a link about the 17 things you may not know about lion king. crazy!!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  3. I'm so glad there's someone else out there who loves Hocus Pocus! It's seriously one of my favorite movies ... it's not Halloween unless I get to watch it!
    - Mandi (

  4. Shouldn't have posted the link to Hocus Pocus, my dear.
    Screw Monday. I'm watching it right now.
    RIGHT NOW I'm watching it!

  5. Kaelah's Honest to Blog posts are great and I agree, that last one really hits the nail on the head.

    I LOVE Hocus Pocus and just watched it last week. I might even give it another go on Monday!

    Those Christmas cards are so pretty! I'd love to do an exchange with you!

  6. i LOVED kaleha's post!

    love those christmas cards! i'm planning on setting up a christmas card exchange at the end of november. you'll have to participate. :)

  7. Oooh I love the Honest to Blog feature! What a great idea.

    I'm going to set up my sponsor roll tomorrow! I made some new buttons, see my Stamp Collection page! Just curious: how do you get your sponsor buttons to rotate? Is this a gadget in blogger or a widget you got somewhere else?

  8. You have so many absolutely amazing linkies this week! Holy wow!

    I love your Christmas cards - they are so colorful and cute!

  9. That Final Salute article is AMAZINGLY written. I think I may have read it before... regardless, I cried seven separate times reading it just now... yipes!

  10. OMG YOU HAVE TO MAKE ROB DRESS AS THE GOBLIN KING! And until you have a baby your doggie should be Toby <3

  11. Oh, I'm so glad you liked the no stress manifesto! And I'm glad that because of it, I found your sweet blog. Take care,


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