Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Isn't this clock adorable? And IT DOESN'T TICK.*

A compilation of clips from my favorite 30 Rock character, Dr. Leo Spaceman. (Thanks Ayla!) (And please, Dr. Spaceman is my father. Call me Leo)

An amazing post on real women...what they are and aren't. (Thanks Sara!)

More words that don't exist in the English language.

I saw this passed around on Twitter and loved it - Please Shut Up.

THIS THIS THIS.  This essay, 10 Simple Tips to Live Happy, Wild and Free, really made me stop and think - I especially like "Talk less, and when you do talk have noble conversation." (Thanks Kaelah!)

Don't you wish we all had to type on the writing ball, the first commercially-produced typewriter?
If you need help deciding, Nietzsche used it and wrote a poem about it.

Saw these felted beasts via Dooce - thinking of getting one made of Cypress!

120 Crayola crayons and their corresponding color codes.

100 Most Beautiful Words in the English Language.

10 Things you probably didn't know about Harry Potter.

10 Ways to Game up your Home. Totally awesome and nerdtastic.

Can we all stop and marvel at how amazing this picture is?

This is an amazing story - an anonymous photographer takes a Polaroid each day for 18 years, until his death in 1997. The writer of the article tracks down his family to find out his story.

A really cool writing prompt website.

Amazing when a single picture can make you tear up.

Badass time travel art.

I never get sick of this image. I could stare at it for hours.

These fun pictures put a smile on my face.

I attended this summer camp as a camper, from 1990 - 2001, and was a counselor there from 2002-2004. Now one of my best camp friends is the director, how awesome is that? Such an amazing place. (Fun note: the counselor they talk to, Carl, was one of my campers when I was a counselor there)

I just bought these shorts from Urban Outfitters. Hoping they look good with my stubby legs.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this article, especially if you're a parent.

*I can't stand ticking clocks. If I stay in your guest room and there's a loudly ticking clock, it's coming down and staying in another room.


  1. before kids, peppy and i had sex 4 or 5 times a week. now it's only once a week. but it's better now. after having two kids, you really have no shame left, and i'm more comfortable in my own skin.

    so while we don't have sex as often (and really once a week is AMAZING for us, since he works 60 hour weeks) it's more meaningful.

    we definitely don't have a sexless marriage. i understand how couples could easily get stuck in that rut. but i am glad that i can remember to be a wife and not just a mama.

  2. ok. so i'll admit that i only read the first couple of paragraphs from that article and then typed up my comment. upon reading the entire article, i realized my previous comment was pretty irrelevant. so there you go, some useless sex info about me. :)

    upon reading the whole thing, i disagree with the lady. i am in love with my husband AND both my children, and it's hard for me to imagine my life going on without any of them, but especially my children. while i do love peppy with all my heart, i know that my life would go on without him because i would live on in all our amazing memories. but if i lost a child, i would be losing a part of my soul. and i really think it might make me go crazy.

    i've told peppy this before, and he understands. he knows i love him, but he also knows how i feel about our boys.

  3. This is an incredibly unique list. ;)

  4. I thought those felted dogs were REAL! Cool.

  5. Two favorites: The picture of earth at night- whoa! and also the picture of the dog and that man on the street. Love it.

  6. that article was really interesting, but since i'm not a wife or a mother, my opinion probably isn't so relevant :)
    i'm curious about the link to your camp though...did you used to have cancer? i'm curious....
    and that photo of the man and his dog is heartbreakingly sweet.

  7. So many awesome things in this post! The one on women, the link to the prompt site (awesome!!), the HP trivia! Love it!

  8. Love the list of links:-) Those shorts are too cute, I'm sure they'll look great on you! And Dr.Spaceman is one of my favorite things about 30 Rock! xoxo

  9. I loved having so many interesting links to click! I love the one of the earth at night! Fascinating!

  10. this list is so amazing I don't even know where to start!
    -- high-five for the "real women" link!
    -- that last article... oh, how I wish there were a comment section for me to continue reading! I have no idea how I'll feel when that time comes. I do believe that you should put your relationship with your spouse first, so that your children have a strong, happy "home base" and learn what a healthy relationship looks like. That lady was an incredible writer, huh?

  11. i'm in love with that owl clock!!!


  12. 1. Those shorts are perfection.
    2. That writing ball is awesome.
    3. The bubble picture is AMAZINGG.


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