Friday, July 1, 2011

If I were an Ancient Greek I'd be Sansspectacles: A Photo Essay

So on Wednesday night I was pulling a sweatshirt over my head when I heard a giant snap. This happened:

My 2-year-old glasses snapped in half. I've never had that come even close to happening but here it was.  We tried to tape them:

My amazingly awesome husband tried to super-glue them:

But they were irreparably damaged. And it was 8 p.m. And we live 40 miles from the nearest optician.

I of course couldn't give up my internet, so I sat about 6 inches away from my computer all night.  This is me having an awesome Twitter chat sesh with Ivelisse and Jess:

I was the awkward one.  I'm always the awkward one.
Needless to say I had a little bit of a breakdown since I obviously couldn't drive myself anywhere and I had no backup glasses (smart, I know).

Rob, lovely little husband that he is, took the day off and drove me the next morning to the big city of Lewiston to get my new glasses.  Problem was, I had to spend the entire morning without glasses.

I thought you might like to see the first part of the day through my myopic, glasses-free eyes:

Cypress--or maybe a panther--getting ready to go to daycare.

Either my husband or a stranger come to steal all my things.

What a beautiful day, right?

I hear that Auburn Lake is beautiful this time of year.

Once at the optician's, which was located in a somewhat deserted mall, I picked out a designer brand (Coach, ooh-la-la) because I'm cool like that. I also picked out some prescription sunglasses, which I've never had before.  But of course we had to wait a little bit before I was granted the gift my full eyesight again, so we frolicked around the mall for a bit.

Because we're awesome music nerds, we ended up in the music store, where apparently you can create and sell your own CDs:

I'm not sure what an "Evangelism Explosion" is and I'm not sure I want to know.

Then we went to the bookstore, where we found a book called The Dog Selector (some sort of new anti-canine supervillian?), and I proceeded to take pictures of every dog that looked remotely like Cypress:

After an hour of waiting or so we returned and finally, my transition from Caitlin to some sort of bizarre Caitlin-Liz Lemon hybrid was complete:


Once I finally re-joined the world of the seeing my husband and I got some lunch at this yummy, eco-friendly and gluten-free-friendly restaurant while we waited for the optician to finish with my prescription sunglasses. I had a veggie fiesta bowl with black beans, rice, veggies and cheese, and Rob had a chicken burrito. I also got a delish smoothie made with bananas, berries and Maine honey. Which is pretty much the same as regular honey, except with more lobster.

We were pretty shocked (and pleased!) that this place existed because the city we were in is known by all Mainers as a bit of a sketchy place.  Most of the other local restaurants fall into the Ruby Tuesday/Denny's/Applebee's category.

Side note: I told Robbie that one of the upsides of eating gluten-free is that we actually have to scout out restaurants rather than just eating at Denny's.  Though most times I'm pretty sure he'd rather eat at Denny's.

Anyway we picked up the sunglasses and drove home having completed our mission.  I'm still getting used to the new glasses because apparently my stupid eyes are more comfortable without any glasses at all.


P.S. Doesn't this mall sign look like something you'd see in a 1980s teen movie? There were even LIGHTS on the "Mall" part of it:

Welcome to Maine!
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  1. Oh man, we have like the exact same vision without glasses! I remember I went on vacation when I was 13 and passed out in my room from sun stroke and broke my glasses on like my 2nd day... I had to go the rest of the vacation without glasses! It was awful. I like your new ones though!! What a nice husband you've got :)

  2. I love this post! Great photo essay. From Rob in his head lamp to the blurred pictures - brilliant!

  3. oh my friend, you are too funny!! i loved our chat sesh & you were NOT awkward at all!! I am in LOVE with your entire "after" look. the coat + your pixie + the glasses = perfection! xoxo

  4. HAHAHA That's what the world looks like when I don't have my glasses on too, glad I'm not the only one.

  5. "I hear that Auburn Lake is beautiful this time of year."
    you cracccck me up : )

  6. yummm honey lobster


    i loved this whole post, you amuse me.

  7. "Which is pretty much the same as regular honey, except with more lobster."

    Ahaha. Do the Maine Honey marketing people know about you?

  8. Youre the cutest. I suer do love those glasses on you. They suit you perfectly!

    That mall doess look like its from the 80's. haha.
    Also, Yes! The vibrams are so awesome. I am so in love with them already. :]]

  9. I love the new glasses! I remember when I broke mine and didn't have any contacts, I was in the store trying them on and my friend had to pick them out cause I couldn't really tell what they looked like on... I am practically blind. lol.

  10. oh my gosh your poor glasses :'( i am blind as a bat too without mine/contact lenses so i feel your pain!
    the restaurant looks and sounds AMAZING too , just my kinda thing!

  11. That is my worst nightmare! I am so scared that I'll be far away from home and my glasses will break or I will lose a contact, and then not be able to drive home! Ha so far though, 15 years with glasses and it's never happened! Glad you got them fixed!

  12. You're too cute! -- It sounds like it was a great day, after you were able to see again! Such a sweet husband for trying to glue the halves back together again...

  13. Caitlin, you totally crack me up! Those photo captions... What a great post! And your glasses are divine! You are so very Liz Lemonish!

  14. Oh my gosh so many pretty pictures! And your new glasses are so cute! That is crazy that they just snapped like that! What is your prescription? I have worn glasses since 3 years old. I have horrible vision so I would be going crazy too without anything to see! And take a look at my giveaway if you want, I better win yours haha.

  15. Exploding Evangelists, say what?! haha :) You are too funny, it looks like you had a good day after that though. The lunch looks delish.

  16. This is hilarious! :) So adorable.

  17. Howdy, I just stumbled upon your blog and this post immediately stuck out...because A. I am blind as can be and would freak without my glasses & 2. I live in Auburn, Maine.

    Guthries is beyond awesome - their live music nights rocks my socks, but there are several amazing restaurants in this area (not just the Ruby Tuesday/Denny's/Applebee's category). Mother India, Niky's, El Patron (amazing Mexican food...and I am originally from Los Angeles), Marches, Fuel...I could go on and on. Not to mention the amazing gallery just one street over from Guthries. L/A gets a bad rap in the rest of Maine, but trust me, we are coming up in the world!


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