Monday, June 27, 2011

A Playlist for your Monday

Let me preface this playlist with two points.  First, my musical taste is all over the map. I grew up without a lot of exposure to music types outside of generic pop and pop-infused country (Tim McGraw and the like), so the task fell to my darling husband to educate me.  As a result, my music tastes more or less mirror his.  We both have a strong pull toward music that has meaning for one or the both of us, or as Rob puts it, the music has to have "soul." For me, that meaning can be something actually meaningful or it can be a really strong desire to dance. Regardless, I know what I like when I hear it.

Second, since I was a wee babe I have had extremely sensitive ear-holes (pretty sure that's the scientific name).  When driving in the car the music never exceeds a volume of 14 or 15*. The songs I have compiled below are all songs that I have and do crank up to volumes of 35 or 40. Seriously guys. I also belt them out as loud as humanly possible.

I also want to note that from what I've seen, my musical tastes deviate from those of many bloggers I read.  I hope you'll listen with an open mind because there is no Bon Iver in this playlist (seriously, did I miss some sort of blog memo on Bon Iver? I see that band everywhere in this here blogosphere).

For those of you who cannot see the below playlist, here is a list of the songs.  You can find most of them on YouTube/Amazon/iTunes.

Diamond in the Rough//Social Distortion
Fields of Athenry//Dropkick Murphys
Don't Think Twice//Mike Ness
Forever Fades Away//Tiger Army
Far Side of Nowhere//Social Distortion
Dine, Dine My Darling//Alkaline Trio
Likes of You Again//Flogging Molly
Peacemaker//Green Day
Sick Boys//Social Distortion

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*The volume on my car stereo has to be an even number or a number ending in 5 or 0. Don't judge me.


  1. My car volume has to end on an even number *always*
    So you aren't alone on that one! :D

  2. {I don't see the playlist} I look forward to though! I'll keep checking back.

  3. I cant ever see's lists anymore, it shows me an error saying it isnt available in my country. Darn Candad, we're so third world.

  4. ok...this is a freakin' AWESOME playlist. we listen to the exact same genre of music. :)

  5. my car volume has to be on an even number, always!

  6. Your playlist is very different from what I'm used to seeing on blogs, but not in a bad way! You should share your tastes more often :) I love Green Day of course and I've heard only good things about Flogging Molly and Alkaline Trio, I just never took much time to listen to them!

  7. Awesome playlist! I have all of these on my Ipod, too! And I feel like such a cliche for loving Bon Iver:) "Sick Boys" by Social D reminds my of my hubs and I on our first date, it was playing in the cab when he picked me up!


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