Monday, June 13, 2011

Various Monday Ramblings: Bruins, Mondays, & Slumber Parties

Well, today is sadly Monday, and boy was it a rough one.  I dragged myself out of my hotel bed this morning, glared at the alarm on my phone as I struggled to turn the damn thing off, and got ready for work as if I was on autopilot.  Frankly I don't even know how I got to work, I was so out of it.  Not sure why this week in particular was so difficult except that I've been away from home for over a week and, whine whine whine, I feel kind of down.

But I don't want my blog to be all about me whining, which it kind of has been of late, so...happy things!

Isn't June an amazing month?  So full of green, warm, sun and happy.  I adore summer and everything to do with summer, even though I no longer get two-month summer vacations.  I feel so much happier and more fulfilled in the summer, like I could dance around outside and kiss the sky, or something.  I think I've earned a pretty kickass summer after such a nasty winter.

Right now I'm sitting in my hotel room, alternating between Family Guy (brain bubble gum) and the Bruins game (source of increased adrenaline).  I have a pretty hard time dealing with suspense typically, and this game is a huge one for Bruins and Canucks alike.  At the time of this writing the score is 4-0 Bruins, so for the sake of my brother-in-law's furniture and my remaining adrenal gland (I actually don't know if I have two given my nephrectomy), let's hope that it continues to go our way.

Last night I drove from my sister's to Rochester, where I'm working this week.  I got here before any of the consultants usually get here so I ate at Carrabba's alone with a delish pomegranate martini and chicken Bryan:

Mm, chicken bryan.

While relaxing and watching "30 Rock" (like you do) back in the hotel, I happened to hear some--unsavory, shall we say--noises coming from the room next to mine.  I then heard extremely loud, pronounced male orgasmic sounds.  Gross, but imagine being me in this situation.  I then heard an extremely cliche "that was fantastic."

Seriously? You couldn't have thought of anything more interesting to say, like "Holy awesome sex, Batman," or "I've had better," or "Where's the beef?"  If you're going to ruin my night you might as well entertain me afterward.

Yuck, new topic.

You know what I really miss? Slumber Parties.  One of my greatest regrets in life has been an absence of a best friend or many girl friends at all.  All the girlfriends I do have all live far away, meaning I can't easily get together for a fun girl's night or slumber party moment.  I had a pretty awesome one this last weekend with Megan, my sister and best friend, but it doesn't happen nearly enough.  And slumber parties with my husband don't count because they don't involve fun girly things like nail painting and gossip, okay?! It's just not the same.

Come to think of it, I don't think I ever had a successful slumber party even as a kid. I was so nervous about offending people all the time as a child--remember how obnoxious 9-year-old girls could get when grouped together? 

I would like an awesome slumber party to make up for my failures as a child. Who's in?

P.S. I'd apologize for the random ramblings, but I assume if you enjoy and read my blog you're pretty used to the randomness and perhaps have come to welcome it.

P.P.S. I'm starting to hear more stirrings from the room next door.  Please pray for my poor little soul tonight.


  1. Haha you should've yelled back through the wall: I KNOW IT WAS JUST AMAZING. THANK GOD YOU PROBABLY CAN'T DO IT AGAIN THO.

  2. Hahaha, Nate and I tell each other ALL the time, "I've had better" LOL Now about your hockey game...I don't want either one to win, haha. Bruins fans are so rude (not all, just most) so we're not fans of Boston. Side story, saw on the news a Bruins fan called a 9 year old kid wearing a Canucks jersey an asshole. Ya and I don't want Vancouver to win because they beat San Jose in that series, lol.

  3. haha I just love ya girl.
    All of this is awesome, just like you. :]
    That pomegranite martini!? yes please!
    Can we have those at our slumber party???

    Surely Adam and I need to visit Maine for something soon? anything??

    He and Rob will be forced into their silent hang out sesh one day. ;]

  4. hahah that's terrible, but so funny! i hate overhearing people having awkward! haha!

    when i was little i could never make it through the whole sleepover. i'd have to call my parents in the middle of the night :/
    anyways, i didn't have a "successful" slumber party until i was like 18. haha.


  5. ew, so sorry!

    I know the feeling of missing 'sleepovers' I never had (still don't) a group of girlfriends that I was close with. Many acquaintances- but no real friends. I think that's why I miss college, it was like a sleepover every night!! I do miss being girly sometimes- Hubby is really not into painting nails and watching bad movies

  6. i'm ready for the sleepover any time! summer is filling up! baaaaaahhhhhhhh! we should plan something SOOOOON!!!

  7. Ohh my bro and husband were watching the Bruins vs. Canucks game! I hate the Canucks because their player Todd Bertuzzi years ago sucker punched one of our Avalanche (COLORADO) players and hurt him WAY BAD!!! Ah, hate them...hehe. Anyways, havve a goood day! :)

  8. I always say "Well...GOODNIGHT" after because of this retarded inside joke...anyway it's our thing now.

    I'm going to Vancouver tomorrow afternoon to stand outside, I guess, and watch the game. Because there's tvs outside?? I don't know. Anyway it should be fun/terrifying. Wish me luck.

    Welp, goodnight.


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