Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sisterly Good Times

So today I finished up with work (one awesome thing about the consulting I do - Monday-Thursday schedules!) and drove the two hours to my older sister's apartment. We see each other relatively often, given the fact that we work for the same company (nepotism what what?) but she still is 8 hours away from me at any given time, so I really enjoy the time I do get to spend with her.

After arriving we quickly went to Wegmans to stock up for delicious gluten-free snacks, then to Moosewood for a yummy vegetarian dinner, margaritas, wine, and smoothies!

I took some pictures, but I didn't have my super awesome fun-time camera so all I got were phone shots.

This is Megan (we don't really look alike, I promise we're sisters):

Water! And menus!
As an appetizer we had chips with cilantro salsa (cilantro = crack, face it):

For an entree, I ate a Chilean casserole thing with a cheddar-egg custard and more cilantro crack:

Megan had stuffed eggplant and pappadum:

And of course, a blackberry margarita that was amazing.5:

Yeah, I drank most of it before taking this picture. Judge away!

We came home, and Megan gave me my belated birthday gifts: money to NY&Co (one of my favorite stores of all time because it fits me so well) and this 1st edition book about marriage written by the people who wrote "The Berenstain Bears."

I was a huge fan of The Berenstain Bears so this...was a pretty perfect gift.

Plus, I think it will go well with our other 30s-40s married/dating guides that so enhance our bathroom. Seriously, we have like three of them.

Perhaps a comment on our marriage? Nah.

And of course, we're spending the night with wine, vodka cranberries, and 30 Rock.

For the record, I am basically a less witty, less gorgeous Liz Lemon.  These are facts.

Anyway I am loving spending time with my favorite older sister and best friend, despite the fact that we are at least 78% sure that most people around us think we're a couple (short hair, tattoos + lovely young lady...creepy, but true).

Another fact: I just opened a Dove chocolate and the message was "Be free. Be happy. Be you." What a good message for all of us!

What did you do this Thursday?


  1. Sounds like a super fun girls night. Love the 30 Rock!!!!

  2. Holy cello! Haha!

  3. Love the pictures! Looks like you and your sis had a great time, I love sister nights. That food looks delicious btw, and you're making me hungry lol. I didn't do much today, just worked and had dinner and ice cream!

  4. Wish I have an older sister too. Sounds like fun!


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