Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Things that Make Me Angry

I've done a few of these posts (things that make me happy, jealous, annoyed, etc.) but we haven't really touched on righteous anger.  Since it's Wednesday, and you know, fuck Wednesday, here are some things that make me angry.

1. Anti-gay marriage laws.  I was infuriated that North Carolina passed a ban on same-sex marriage, even though as we all know it's only a matter of time before this happens nationwide.  I spent a portion of my morning arguing with people about it on Facebook (totally a worthwhile use of time, by the way) and honestly, I've yet to hear a coherent argument for why we should make it illegal for gays to marry. It's fucking unconscionable to me that this is still a goddamn issue in my country. 

2. That stupid commercial where the family sings an a cappella version of "Crazy Train." This commercial makes my skin crawl.  Every time I hear that kid go "bom bom" I want to throw the television across the room.  And honestly I had to look up what the hell the commercial was even for because I'm so blinded with rage when it comes on I change the channel.

3. People who don't use blinkers when turning.  It's so simple, and how on earth is this not just a reflex for people? I put my blinkers on in rotaries just because I can't not do it.

4. Cranky dog park people. You're at an off-leash dog park. Dogs are going to run up and bark at you, and if you're walking in the main area sometimes dogs are going to wrestle or try to play with yours. My dog didn't attack you or your dog and if she was likely to I wouldn't bring her anyway. If you're not a fan of other people's dogs, I suggest you find a more private place to walk your beast instead of getting butthurt every time my dog acts like a fucking dog.

5. When commercials are 80db louder than the television show you're watching. Was this always the case? I don't remember being deafened with Super Soaker commercials as a kid.

So there you have it friends. What makes you angry?


  1. Omg I HATE it when the commercials start screaming at me when John Stewart and Stephen Colbert go to break.

    And, you know where I stand on that deplorable law they just passed in my state. Posting about it later tonight too.

  2. I was touching on this the other day...

    I hate it so much when able bodied people park their cars in disabled parking spots. Inconsiderate fucks!!

    I also hate it when I comment on a "popular" blog a million times and they NEVER write back to me even though they've written back to all the other popular bloggers who comment.

    On that note I also hate the way bigger bloggers act like they own cats, crafting and tattoos..... Or dare I say it, thrift ing!!!!!!


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