Friday, May 25, 2012


Man, I've really let my blog slide in terms of regular posting.  These last two weeks I pretty much gave up everything extraneous (including Jillian Michaels, shame face) to focus on my mental health while Rob was away.  Call it excuses but I'm doing a lot better, and dammit you gotta do what works.

I had a real turning point last weekend where I stopped worrying about Rob leaving me or preferring to be working with fire than home with me.  There was nothing specific that initiated it but rather a combination of things--more time with fire wives, therapy, Rob calling and texting more often, etc. One of the biggest factors was that the fire wives and I made a sort of unofficial agreement according to which we can't talk about whose husband called and whose didn't (unless there is some news that all of us should know).  We realized that talking about it was just making each of us resentful and there really was no need for it.  I still fall into the pit of worry every now and then but for the most part I keep reminding myself that he loves me, and if he didn't love me he probably wouldn't have been stupid enough to marry me, and that's all I can go on.

Anyway just like the first breakthrough at the beginning of this fire call I know that my mind could easily slip back into old ways if Rob doesn't call, or if he does call and is exhausted, or for any number of reasons.  All I can do is take it a day at a time, I suppose.

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This week all in all has been pretty mellow.  On Thursday my sisters arrived in Albuquerque and will be here until Sunday (which, coincidentally, is my birthday and the day that Rob's due home) and it's been so awesome showing them around.  My little sister in particular hasn't spent much time out west, so it's fun to see everything as new and exciting all over again.  The timing of their visit couldn't have been more perfect, quite frankly!

Today we're going to check out downtown, visit my dad's alma mater, and eat some yummy food.  I think tomorrow they're taking me to Albuquerque to ride the Chang, about which I am pretty damn excited.  I'm even going to wear my new dress because I'm awesome like that.

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Anyway I believe that's all the news that's fit to print.  I'm feeling really awesome and lucky this week and I hope you are too.

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