Thursday, May 10, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

Bitches gotta eat is officially one of my favorite blogs.  If you like frank, foul-mouthed talk about sex, dating, men, women, penises, vaginas, and more (and I do), please check Sam out.

Hello? It's the 80s Calling and We're Here for Your iPhone.

285 Reasons why being a 90s Girl Rocked our Jellies Off. Thanks Meg!

In honor of Maurice Sendak and in light of his recent passing, I give you this amazing and hilarious interview between him and Stephen Colbert - Part 1 and Part 2.

14 Photographs that Shatter your Image of Famous People.

Awesome People Hanging Out Together.

In that same vein, 30 Must-See Tumblr Blogs from Time Magazine.

If you don't feel like looking through all 30 of those, at least check out Old Ads.

21 Albums They Don't Want You to Know About.

How neat is this idea, an Instagram Camera!

Nova and Suzy's link posts are always better than mine, so go check them out.

I don't follow the Cubs or the White Sox, but watching Darryl from "The Office" and Ron Swanson argue about them is just awesome.

For those of you still struggling with gay marriage, here are 14 Steps that Will Evolve Your Views on Gay Marriage.

6 Pet Products that Prove Rich People have Gone Insane.

Face Symmetry of Celebrities.

This Siri commercial parody made me laugh out loud.

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