Thursday, May 31, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

Tiny apartments of China.  These apartments made me feel super claustrophobic, I can't imagine living in one.

Awesome vintage posters for modern products. This site (Lost at E Minor) has some really neat-o websites, some of which I'm sharing here.

Like looking at crazy shoes? Check out the Virtual Shoe Museum.

Brad Pitt eating things.

Need some filler text for your site but don't want to lose hipster cred? Try Hipster Ipsum.

The scale of the universe.

Cringeworthy advertising.  Not all of these are legit but far too many are.

Subway Douchery.

Photoshopped Russian Wedding Photography.

The museum of endangered sounds. Love this, especially the dial-up.

20 Supporting Characters from '90s TV Shows Then & Now.

Brian Hanson's comic about rape jokes on Twitter.

This article "The Tyranny of Pink" about "breast cancer culture," pinkwashing, and the unfortunate actions taken by Susan G. Komen Foundation and various corporations to cash in on women's suffering. There are far better, more helpful ways to support women with breast cancer than buying (or selling) pink buckets of KFC chicken or pink bottles of toxic, carcinogenic perfume.  Thanks ChemoBabe!

Awesome video game cakes.

11 Memorable Images from the 1970s.

Back to the Future: Old & New Photos.

This could probably keep me busy for a long, long time.

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