Friday, May 4, 2012

Days Off and Brownie Sluts

As I foreshadowed in my MD post, Wednesday was a wonderful day because as you know, Rob was totally off and wasn't on call.  He hadn't had a day off in close to two weeks and I'd totally forgotten how awesome it is to have him home with me all day.  I only wish it could've lasted longer.

In the morning I did some work (and 20 minutes of Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 Week #2, what what?) while Rob went to the gym 'n things. As a side note, only my husband works out on his days off from a job that has him hiking all the hell around New Mexico, but whatever, he's cute and muscley.

We took Cypress to her new dog park, a huge, sprawling 30-acre piece of land that used to be a dump (interesting fact).  There are so many trails and lots of beasties off-leash, and so far she just loves it.  I think I'll be taking her there a lot when Rob's gone.


When we came home I finally decided to try my hand at making "slutty brownies," which I found on this site.  Basically you take prepared chocolate chip cookie mix, put it at the bottom of a pan, top it with Oreos (or in my case GFreos...I used the Glutino ones) and top that with prepared brownie mix.  Pop it in the oven and you have fuckingamazingholyshit dessert time.  At least that's the technical term.  Seriously, we adore these.  Every time we eat them you can actually hear us moaning around the house. And they're pretty easy so, you know, win win.

Note: These may look a little uncooked, but actually I just added a little more butter to the brownies to keep them moist and gooey.  That's what she said.


Yeah friends.  For real. Make these now. You shan't regret it.

And if you're a gluten-freer, I used Betty Crocker's chocolate chip and brownie mixes with an extra teaspoon of butter each. They're messy but they're amazing.

That night we watched Star Wars Episode V (nerdlers) and snuggled a lot.  My favorite!

As of yesterday (Thursday) Rob can get called out for two weeks, and since his crew is at the top of the list nationwide this is more likely than not to happen soon.  I feel like I'm in a better place all in all, but still a little anxious and insecure. I'm hoping with each successive trip out I'll get better at it.

Are you all having a good week?

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