Saturday, March 3, 2012

This Weekend is For...

1. A lazy Saturday doing literally nothing productive with the love of my life and my beastie.

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2. Getting stuff at the grocery store for chocolate banana pancakes on Sunday morning.  That is happening.

3. Taking endless pictures of the view from our patio, since it seems like I never get tired of it.

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I finally took one with my Nikon and I'm quite proud of it:


4. Using our new Dyson vacuum.  It's hilarious because Rob and I both get so excited whenever we use it, such a fun new gadget.  Totally worth the $400+, I promise you.

5. Finally getting back into photography now that my camera is alive and well again.  Honestly, photographing weddings and doing other events and "professional" gigs really sapped all the enjoyment I had out of photography.  I've talked to other people who say that isn't the case for them, so maybe I'm just weird.

6. Eating an old meal my dad used to make for dinner and having some corn on the cob along with it.

7. Watching SNL, eating guacamole, and snuggling on the couch later tonight.

8. Catching up on the last season of Mad Men in preparation for the season premiere on March 25.  We are so freaking excited.

I hope you're all having a great weekend.  And thanks, as always, for the sweet comments you left on my blogging post.  You're all amazing.


  1. Beautifullll view you have. Sounds like you guys are loving it! yay!

  2. Your puppy looks so happy! I love when puppies "smile" like that! You take such great photos!

  3. That's such a beautiful view you have. Definitely jealous.
    Eating guacamole and snuggling sounds perfect! Wish I had some avacados about now...

  4. Gah your pup is so cute! And what a seriously amazing view you have there. ...seriously. Also, CAN'T WAIT FOR MAD MENNNNNNN!!!

  5. That view is absolutely divine. Pretty sure I would be taking a bajillion pictures too.

    And THANK YOU for reminding me of the exact date of the Mad Men premiere... writing that on my calendar RIGHT NOW. So excited.

  6. Aw I love your view!
    I am the same way about photography. I used to take beautiful pictures all the time... then school sucked the fun out of it and now I reserve it for professional work or "occasionals."

  7. That view!!!! WOW!!! And I feel the same way about my Dyson, I will never buy another brand vacuum again! SO glad you are getting all settled it!

  8. Sounds like you've been having a really awesome weekend settling into your new home and enjoying those GORGEOUS sunsets- so jealous!!

  9. OMG that view! AMAZING!

    Your weekend sounds awesome!


  10. i am SO thrilled for mad men. we seriously can't wait.
    and i can't wait to see more of your pictures!!

  11. I get you - when I was doing press releases about engineering and computing for a living it sapped all the fun out of writing for me; I've only recently got that back.

    And I love my Dyson. Though the cats disagree.

    How were the pancakes?

  12. Awesome photos of the view! I sooo need to sit down and watch Mad Men properly, have only seen a few episodes.

  13. OMG, my dyson is seriously the best purchase I've made, although the new chef's knife I got is giving it a run for its money. I've had it for 6 years and still absolutely LOVE vacuuming! Nothing sucks up bunny fur better!

  14. I am so so jealous of your view.

    I have also wanted a Dyson forever. And ever. So I guess I am jealous of that too. :D

  15. Aren't Dyson's amazing?? I love mine, I get so excited when I vacuum haha
    You seriously have the best view in the world!! Lucky :)

  16. Your view is freakin incredible! I would also be taking pictures like crazy if I could see that every day. Sounds like a fun weekend! :)


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