Sunday, March 18, 2012

Awesome Mail Day!

I'm so thankful that I've been able to make so many great friends through my blog.

Maybe a year or so ago I found Michelle's blog and quickly became an avid reader.  You may remember that I hosted a giveaway from her shop that she owns with her husband. We talked on and off through comments and email, and when I found out that I was going to Arizona in October I took a chance and asked if she wanted to meet up. I feel like I'm talking about asking someone on a date but for awkward old Caitlin, that's what making new friendships is like.  I was really excited when she was totally down with hanging out, and during one of my first weeks there I met up with her and her husband Chad at a restaurant called the Raven Cafe.  We really hit it off (again with the datespeak, way to be awkward, Caitlin) and I hung out with them and their handsome beast Bodhi bunch more until I left, and now Michelle and I text almost every day.

Now that we're in the same general area (read: the Southwest) I'm hoping we'll have much more opportunities to hang out!

Yesterday I checked my mail and I received one of the sweetest care packages ever.  Michelle sent me some lip balm from her and Chad's shop, a necklace she stamped with "Caitlin and Robbit" (note: she'll soon be selling stamped necklaces in her own Etsy shop!) some lovely friendship bracelets, a wooden moose pin, a rubbery lobster pen, some bubbles, and a wicked sweet card. How sweet is that?! I can't think of a better way of being welcomed to the Southwest!


Thank you a thousand times, Michelle! I'm so glad we are friends.  And don't worry, I will send you back a badass something :)

A few notes about these photos:

1. Sorry our table is's turned into quite the dumping ground.
2. When Rob took a picture of my necklace he said, "I can see yo tittays." Just thought I'd share that with the world.


  1. i can't believe youre cheating on me. but at least she sends you cute stuff.

    i really, really like that stamped necklace. and 'i see yo tittays' is something peppy would say. do you ever feel like you're married to a 15 year old boy? i know i do. :) well, you knew rob back then, and i didn't know peppy when we were 15, but i can almost guarantee that he used some of the same pickup lines then as he tries to use on me now.

    1. i would also like to add how thankful i am that your blog doesn't have word verification. those faux words are really tricky to me before i've had my morning coffee.

  2. Sweet!

    And I know what you mean about meeting people you only know online - what if it's awkward and you're not suddenly bestest friends and one of you starts leaving less and less comments afterwards and... argh!

  3. so sweet!! and perfect timing after the little surgery. you gotta love a good care package from a friend.

    here's to making new friends.
    cheers ;)

  4. That's so cool that you guys have stayed such good friends! Definitely a perk of meeting people around the world through blogging, you're almost guaranteed a friend almost anywhere when you travel and/or move. Her Etsy shop looks AWESOME too. Love all that jewelry!

    PS you still owe me a Montreal visit one summer ;)

  5. Oh, that's so awesome. I think I'm off to pack a care packet for somebody now. :)

  6. Aw that's awesome! Glad you shared the stamped necklace... I'll have to check back for that!

  7. How fun! Mail surprises are so much fun!

  8. How exciting! I don't know if there is anything much better than getting a package in the mail. Xo

  9. Getting packages is always a good feeling. And Rob's comment was hilarious! Hahaha.

  10. Such a wonderful care package! I LOVE that stamped necklace - I'll totally need to get one!!! Also: WOODEN MOOSE PIN! Love.

  11. This is one of my favorite things about blogging too! All the people you meet - mostly women around your own age with similar tastes ... who live all over the world and say, "Hey, come visit me!" Speaking of ... hey, come visit me in Denmark!


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