Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Workspace

One of the things that made me the happiest about moving here was that I actually had a functioning workspace.  In our last place, my desk faced a wall and the room was significantly colder (and further away from the living room) than any other room in the house.  As a result I spent most of my work day in my little red chair in the living room.

Here I have an antique desk that looks out onto our driveway and the mountains, and it's only a room away from where my Robbie is hanging out.  When I need to take a second from work, I stare at the birds hopping around the branches outside or just admire the sun shining on the mountain in front of me.  I love it.

I've always felt left out of the "Here's my workspace posts" because I've never had much to show until now:


Doesn't it look like you could open that window and have birds fly in who whistle along to whatever song you just randomly busted out with?

That's right, I'm a Disney princess.

The weirdest looking one there's ever been.

Anyway the desk is still a mess because I haven't figured out an effective way to hide all my thunder shit.

I welcome anyone's advice regarding desk and/or life organization.


  1. Sooo pretty! I wish I had a window like that above my desk... there's only one and a) the couch goes there and b) I'd get way too distracted by harbour happenings.

    Beautiful photo too. I love the desk. And the curtains. This may be a really stupid question, but the weather is going to be way hotter for you in Summer now right? Or does Maine get hot too?

  2. I think you're the most awesome Disney princess everrrr. I'm thinking you need to write a song to sing with all the birds...and vlog it :)

    But really, I love your workspace and I'm pretty jealous of it!! I need a good workspace like that with a pretty window to look out of.

  3. Aw, lovely! My workspace is a little... well, let's just focus on yours.

  4. Love it :) I just got a new work space too but it's not in front of a window, but now I kinda wish it was lol. This is very nice.

  5. Love it :) I just got a new work space too but it's not in front of a window, but now I kinda wish it was lol. This is very nice.

  6. i love your workspace, and the picture is beautiful, and i'm so jealous of those pretty windows!

    oh, and the part about being a disney princess made me think about something. several years ago i raised 3 little mockingbirds from the time they were 2 days old until they were about 8 weeks old. so once they were big and healthy and ready to be released, i took them to a spot in the woods and let them fly away, but for about a week or two after that, i could go to that spot and call out, "little baby birdies!" and one or two of them would come to me and hang out for maybe 15 or 20 minutes before flying away!

    also, i love the comments you leave me, you dirty girl, you ;)

  7. Okay I'm officially jealous of your work area. From the desk to the window, it looks like a place you can be creative without hesitation. Love it!

  8. I cant wait tondo one if these posts when we move:)

    I like those sheer curtains too :)

    Did your day get better?

  9. What a pretty work area! I actually WISH mine was farther away from the rest of our house--I get so distracted when my living room and kitchen are right there!
    I did recently do a post about creating a workspace--not sure if this is what you're looking for or not, but might help?

  10. What a beautiful work space. I'm so envious of your light and old wood desk it looks like a divine place to work. This picture is kind of breath taking

  11. It's so nice to have a window like that. My "office" is a walk-in closet with a desk in it. Not really the most inviting space.

  12. I had a similar situation to this before. My office was our second bedroom, but it was cold, a little too small for me, and left me feeling isolated from everything. So we got a small desk for the living room and I can get sunlight from our backdoor and windows. It's SO nice to not feel cooped up now!

    ashley /

  13. Love the space! It's so pretty, and with a window it makes it so easy to want to spend time there, I bet :) I can't have my desk facing my window because it's too cold in the winter, but I made a little collage of my pretty pictures so that I always have something to look at. My desk is often a mess, but I also have some of my favorite books piled up, and just little things to keep my pens and papers organized. You should totally go to an office supply store and treat yourself to a few cute things to make your desk all pretty! :D

  14. Oh, I can understand why you love to work there. It looks so dreamy and light. It also makes my deep love for old tables come right though again. The new ones just don't compare.

  15. Love your work space! I love being able to look out a window when I work, and it sure seems like your have a pretty darn amazing view! So glad you guys seem to be enjoying your new place and NM, minus those darn cacti.

  16. Weirdest one thats ever been??? yeahrightttt.
    Gorgeous thing.
    I love your little workspace.
    And your cute self. <3


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