Thursday, March 22, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

25 Things You Should Know About Word Choice.

The Ultimate Movie Drinking Game List! I promise I'm not an alcoholic.

25 Rare Photos of Celebrities.

I wish I could take photos like this from a plane.

Check out this 8-year-old banjo player...totally bananas.

Creative Business Cards...these are super cool.

I want to go to there.

Celebrities responding to their own memes (hint: Ryan Gosling adorably responds to "Hey Girl" on #2)

Captivating human body paintings.

How Women Talk about Other Women.

Oh, what's that? You haven't been sufficiently creeped out today? Well, here you go.

I'm still obsessed with xoJane and loved this article written by a wife who is the head of her household.  I've sort of been composing a post about marriage/roles in my head since I read it. I sort of have this dream that xoJane will find me and ask me to write for them because I'm so amazing, except I'm not really soooo you know.

Rob and I made pizza muffins last night and they were delish! If you want to see more of the recipes I've been pinning, check out my Recipes board.

Women set Rick Perry's Facebook page on fire.  Let's get this going, ladies!

Forgive me for including one more xoJane article, but I could really relate to this article on having an obsessive personality. Perhaps it's appropriate that I worded it that way.

I know this is kind of a "well, duh" post, but I enjoyed this article on the Huffington Post in which one of the journalists actually attempted the whole "get drunk with a vodka-soaked tampon" thing.

5 Reasons "The Walking Dead" has to get better. You know, I've liked this season, but this writer had a lot of good points.


  1. I really liked season two of The Walking Dead because the humanity, to me, is always the most interesting part of any zombie apocalypse story. Season two spent a lot of time on that, while still providing at least one cool zombie moment per episode. I think that with season three, shit's finally going to get real. I just started reading the comics, and it's interesting to compare the ways the comics and show differ and consider why the TV writers made some of the changes they did.

    1. I agree, the second season was pretty good. Totally didn't see the "Sophia" thing coming at ALL. I do like what the writer had to say though - talking about how Rick should be dealing with good vs. bad within his own mind rather than having good vs. bad represented in Dale and Shane. It raised a lot of things I hadn't really thought of, I guess. Anyway, I'm really excited for the next season!

  2. 1. That list of drinking games!!! I want to try one.
    2. In those rare celebrity photos the one of JFK and Marilyn Monroe is SO GOOD. It's super scandalous and really sweet.
    3. I totally agree with the Walking Dead thing.
    4. THOSE BUSINESS CARDS! I had to take a break halfway though to process it all, I'm about to get back in there and see the rest. They're so brilliant.

    1. 1. IIIII know. We played one to "Eegah", the Mystery Science Theater version of course.
      2. I agree. As awful as it was that he cheated on Jackie O, I still thought that photo was super sweet.
      3. Me too! I can't believe we have to wait so long for Season 3!
      4. Aren't they AMAZING? I wish I had that kind of talent to design shit like that.

  3. i loved that xojane article on being the head of the household, too. there's a really interesting article up right now about binge eating and for some reason that one was super interesting to me. i really like the style of writing on xojane! and the writers are really funny.

    also...tiny hand is CREEPY! haha! have a great day caitlin!

    1. I read the binge eating one too! And loved it. I commented actually. I'm really enjoying that whole website.

      Have a great day friend!

  4. tiny hand. i couldn't stop scrolling down. it was kind of like a train wreck. i just couldn't look away.

  5. oh man thats so funny to see ryan gossling talk about hey girl! i love how he is crying from laughing so hard lol

  6. LOVING this post! i'm totally going to bookmark it so i can come back and reread it over and over and click on all of the links at different times. so perfect :D

  7. I love your links! Your one of the only bloggers whose links I forward to my family members ;-)

    1. Yay! Thank you, I'm so glad you enjoy them :)

  8. I love the drinking game movie list...too funny! That airplane photo rocks. And I think those Ryan Gosling memes are weird...I just don't get them! Maybe I'm the only one. Hahaha the Kim Jong Il one tiny hand made me laugh!!


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