Thursday, March 8, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

Check out this Real Life Simpsons Home! Thanks, Nova.

Hipster Jareth.

International Slutty Women's Day: A Story in GIFs. LOVE this, and love that women of my generation are starting to fight for our rights in the face of patronizing, condescending, and harmful rhetoric.  Thanks, Sarah!

As you probably all know, Google Friend Connect is gone for non-Blogger users and may also be disappearing for Blogger users as well.  I personally recommend Bloglovin' if you're looking for a new way to follow your favorite blogs; I use it and love it.

Fuck Yeah, Girls with Tattoos.

Photos of Faraway Places.

Jon Stewart says it best, as always.

Were you wondering if the Russian elections were as shady as they seemed? Check out this video of a small town counting ballots.  Watch the man in the black coat at around 0:31.

4 Famous Pop Culture Moments Everyone Remembers Incorrectly.

This column about the atrocities in the Congo is absolutely horrific and eye-opening.

Not sure if any of you are Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans, but if so, this is one of my favorite shorts.

Officially the best insult in any context, ever.

Nicolas Cage Losing his Shit.

Some more crazy photos.

5 Reasons Today Isn't Going to Suck.


  1. They were all interesting, but the 50 photos were my favorite. So awesome!!

  2. oh my gosh....hipster jareth is THE BEST.

    i snorted at 'oh my's vintage.' hahahaha

  3. Loving the Fuck Yeah, Girls with Tattoos :)
    - mandi (

  4. Oh that Jon Stewart smack down made my day.


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