Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bits and Pieces on a Sunday

1. This weekend has been lovely so far. On Saturday morning I went on a hike with Rob's crew mate's girlfriend and her husky beastie.  Cypress loves huskies, especially male ones, so they got along really well.  Unfortunately Cypress took the "newness" of a new friend and beastie as an excuse to act like a shithead, and she appropriately proceeded to eat a bunch of shit she found.  I was pretty furious. Luckily I had some extra antibiotics from her last shit-experience and she seems to be fine.

2. I'm sorry, truly sorry for writing so much about my dog's shit on here.  Rob told me the other day that I probably sound like a STFU Parents submission, just with my dog instead of a kid.  Ashamed face.

3.  I really enjoyed spending time with Rob's crew mate's girlfriend and we're already making plans to hang out again soon.  I think having someone nearby to hang out with and who understands all this nonsense will be super helpful.

4. My therapist and I were talking about staying busy this summer--in hopes of not going totally apeshit again when Rob inevitably leaves--and she had the idea of taking a class at the local community college.  I looked around and I can take some online graphic design/Photoshop classes, plus maybe a language class or two, or only $99 a piece. Not too shabs, right? I doubt I'll learn anything completely revolutionary but the structure will help keep me busy and (hopefully) not too terrified of Rob getting hurt or leaving me for good.


5.  Friday night was pretty rough even with Rob back.  He fell the fuck asleep within seconds of going to bed so I got up and did some of my therapy worksheets which helped a ton.  I already feel like I'm in a much better place and hopefully Rob's next fire trip--which could last as long as 14 days--won't be as difficult as this last one. Yesterday I likened the whole thing to my fitness journey, and bear with me as I explain this metaphor. The first day I broke down my muscles (my emotional strength), dealt with the pain of the fallout, and as I get more experience my body (mind) rebuilds itself and is made even stronger for when things get more difficult.  Cheesy, and probably a little tortured, but it's working for me so I'll go with it.

6. All of these points are about Rob and fires and things, and I feel like I've been far too whiny about it lately so let me deviate a bit.  Does anyone have any advice for baking with a gas oven? I've tried several iterations of our favorite Nutella lava cookies in various temperatures and they still end up with charred bottoms. Did anyone else giggle at "charred bottoms?" Because I totally did.

7. I'm not going to apologize for it, since I'm sure your sun does not rise and set on what I write here and won't pretend as such, but my blog has really been kind of "meh" lately.  I had a burst of inspiration but sadly the funk I found myself in last week sapped me of all my energy to write, hence this really lazy post. Anyone have any blogspiration tips that don't include DIY projects? Because I fucking suck at those.

8. Someone posted this on Facebook and it made me laugh for a really long time, so I'm sharing it with you.


9. Okay my friends, tell me something happy about your weekend! Do it! Now!

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