Friday, April 20, 2012

Bits & Pieces from This Week

Anyone else floored that it's Friday? I'm excited for no work but a little bummed that Rob's weekend is already over and he'll be working for the next two days.  Le sigh.

Anyway here are some goings-on from our week:

1. At about 4:30 this morning Rob shot out of bed after hearing a noise in the living room.  He came back to tell me that Cypress was sick and had pooped all over the floor.  This happens every few months when she does something stupid and dog-like, such as eating coyote or cat poop or some plant she shouldn't eat. What's frustrating about it is that since she's you know, a fucking dog, she doesn't really understand the causal relationship between eating something she knows she'd get in trouble for and later feeling sick. She's feeling a little better now that she's empty, so to speak, but I can still hear her stomach rumbling.  Let's hope the floor is not befouled when I come back from my haircut this evening.

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Grosser than she looks.

2. Funny story that probably won't be as funny when it's written out: The other night I was playing Draw Something before bed, as I do most nights. For those of you who don't play Draw Something, the game combines two-word clues into one word for some reason, and last night I got the word "baberuth." Rob usually looks over my shoulder and watches me draw, and when he saw me pick that one he said "What's a bah-be-ruth?" It reminded me (1) of "The Sandlot" and (2) of this part in "Strange Wilderness" where Jonah Hill's character says in reference to Jack Nicholson, "who the fuck is Jack Nocklason?" Hilarious. We laughed for a good 5 minutes.

3. Yesterday Rob and I took a little afternoon trip downtown.  The main goal of the trip was to buy some New Mexico-y things for Rochelle's care package but I also wanted to take Rob to a pizza-centric restaurant that has gluten-free pizza.  Delish!  

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4. Apparently you can buy single-serving pickles. Thanks, Flanagan!

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5. I've been forgetting to mention this in my posts about how awesome my domestic skills are, but I have been rocking plant-watering.  Our neighbors/landlords asked us to water their plants while they're away for a bit, and not only have most of the plants survived, some have positively flourished.  Sadly today I went over and a couple of the leaves are yellow, which Rob tells me can be due to overwatering, so I guess I'll have to check my zeal for the next few weeks.

6. One interesting thing I'm finding about Santa Fe is how confusing it is to drive in.  The town is 400+ years old, so streets just jut off into nowhere or randomly become one-way streets, or there are two streets with the same name that don't connect. Frankly it's a lot like New England. I've always admired every other city I've been to west of the Mississippi for their extremely logical highway systems and grid structures, but Santa Fe reminds me of a mini-Boston minus the rotaries and mean Massholes.

7. Now for a positive note.  I love, love, love the fact that there are no bugs in the desert.  Rob is quick to tell me every single goddamn time I bring this up that "it's because there's no water here, Caitlin," but I don't even care. In Maine when it's as warm as it's been here lately--usually around late May and June in Maine, barring this winter/spring--there are more blackflies than there are people in the world swarming around your head as soon as you step outside.  After the blackflies come the mosquitoes, and then the deer flies.  I could never walk Cypress without a gallon of 78% DEET bugspray (I know I know, carcinogen blah blah, but that hippie shit made from unicorn essence just plain doesn't work) and an electronic fly swatter. Despite the fact that by writing this I'm setting myself up for waking up one morning with a giant tarantula in my mouth, I stand by the fact that having no biting insects is fucking awesome.

8: Edited to add that I implemented Disqus on my blog.  Does this totally annoy the shit out of anybody? Because I like Disqus so much better than Blogger comments.  Hopefully it doesn't keep any of you from commenting!

I hope you've all had a great week and an even better weekend! I guess without Rob I'm going to do some self-pity shopping at Target and maybe go downtown to enjoy the 70-degree temperatures. 


  1. Aw, poor Cypress! Polly has been stress-puking this week because we had another cat visiting; it's so heartbreaking to see.

  2. One time while playing Scategories (best game!)my homie looked over at my paper and blurted out "Who the hell is Fran Ken Stein?"...ummmm, you mean frankenstein?
    Haha! Also, yellowing leaves can also be a sign of nutrient deficiency. I would feed them a little plant food.

  3. Ha ha ha Caitlin, "that hippie shit made from unicorn essence..."
    Any ways, the other part of that last one devastated me because I've never known anything else and have always thought there were a lot of bugs out here... which in facts means that there are even more a lot everywhere else. I'm doomed. =[

  4. haha, yeah one thing i do not miss about the east coast are those damn mosquitoes! i had scars on my arms as a child from scratching my bites so much.
    have a great weekend, hope you get to spend some time with rob, though retail therapy at target sounds pretty damn good.

  5. Aww, poor beast! I hope she's feeling better!

  6. this post just cracked me up, and i'll tell you a little secret, i've had such a bad day i cried in front of strangers. yeah. so it was nice to have a good laugh! also, i've never heard the term "massholes" but i love it, and now i can't wait to either go to massachusetts or meet someone from there that makes me mad so i can use it.

  7. oh, and one more thing. back when our boy cheesecake was still alive, he tried waking chris up one night, but of course chris ignored him. so since cheesecake couldn't go outside he squirted a pile of crap ALL OVER the bedroom floor. now chris and i refer to that kind of liquid poop mess as "butt chocolate milk."


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