Friday, April 13, 2012

This Week

Yeah, I know, another bulleted/numbered sort of post. I do these a lot.  I promise I'm not lazy. Yeah, I totally am.

This Week I:

1. Saw a new therapist!  I was making great headway with my therapist back in Maine so was a little bummed to leave. She correctly predicted that I'd put off finding somebody for myself (this shit is tough!) so before I left she printed me a list of therapists that work with the same sort of methods and that took my insurance.  HANDY right? Anyway the appointment went really well, I got an awesome vibe from her.  And she thinks my tattoos are pretty so, I'd say win-win.

2. Got rained on! Since we moved to you know, the desert and all, I expected little to no rain. SILLY ME I GUESS.


3. Saw the Heath Ledger coyote!  On Wednesday night Rob took me up the mountain specifically to see a coyote (let me say now that in most contexts, this is a very bad idea) and we saw what I am sure was the Heath Ledger coyote of lore.  He was far away but he was totally like, staring at Cypress lovingly and shit.  We're going to see how this plays out.

4. Received a really nice tweet! Violet, one of my favorite bloggers and online people (and, I'm sure if we met in real life, one of my favorite real-life people) sent me the sweetest tweet I think I've ever gotten.  She is lovely.

5. Was included in Nova's "25 Blogs You Should Be Reading" post! Nova said some very nice things about me and my blog, and since I generally trust her taste in basically everything I plan on following her advice and following the other blogs she featured and so should YOU!

6. HOLY SHIT I FOUND OUT WE HAVE A LILAC BUSH IN OUR YARD! Rob does not share my overzealous enthusiasm for this fact but I AM SO EXCITED.  I love lilacs.  Our neighbors had a bush back in Maine and they'd let us pick some to have in our house.  I'm pretty sure if I get into heaven-slash-heaven exists, it's going to smell a lot like lilacs. By the way I imagine hipster heaven to smell a lot like Pabst, vintage clothing and bacon.  ANYWAY, since we're just renting, we had no say over the landscaping of the joint and thus I had no idea that we had lilacs until today when they started blooming. I am so fucking excited. Too bad they last all of .3 seconds, at least they do in Maine.


7. Got hit with a weird, transient baby fever! I've had baby fever before but this was like, ovary-and-uterus-rattling baby fever.  Deep shit.  We won't be acting up on this any time soon, but what can I say, practice is fun.

8. Snuggled a lot, because fire season starts for Rob next week! We found out that Rob's new schedule, assuming he isn't on a fire, is such that his "weekend" will be Wednesday and Thursday. I'm not super thrilled with the arrangement because I work for a living and generally clients like it if you work on weekdays, but I suppose we'll make the best of it.

How was your week, friends?


  1. The first time I visited Santa Fe, it POURED literally the entire time we were there. We were supposed to camp, but it was so cold and muddy that we all ended up just sleeping in the car.

  2. Finding new plants in a new backyard is so fun! We realized we had a blackberry bush after chopping it down when we first moved in...whoops.

    Sounds like your new therapist will be a winner! Any therapist that likes tattoos usually is! ;)

    x, C

  3. sounds like a great week! proud of you for finding a new therapist, that first visit is always the scariest. my week was pretty great- spring break, friends visiting, and new tattoo! yay!

  4. Those lilacs are gorgeous. Seriously beautiful. Love your list!

    New follower, please stop on by:

  5. Congrats on the success with the new therapist...( possible new greeting card slogan? ) i know how difficult it can be to stay proactive on this front.

    Love the lilacs. Something tells me I won't be finding any up here (I live close to santa) so it is nice to see a photo.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. Practice is fun, hehehehehe. Yes, I'm 12. ;)

  7. A - Your old therapist is AWESOME for knowing you so well and actually preparing you for your move with a list like that! So happy you like your new therapist as well. Its always good to have a good vibe. You just can't open up with someone who is well doesn't carry good vibes with them.

    B - LOVE the rain picture...and I thought you wouldn't get rain either ha

    C - Oh my goodness I hope that coyote is staring at cyprus with "I love you googely eyes" instead of you look like a great piece of meat that I want to eat eyes

    D - YAY for nice tweets and I LOVE your blog! I always refer your blog to my husband (because he doesn't get that you are my caitlin blogger friend) so I say that girl who's husband was almost attacked by a spider blog. But he loves your blog to (I know I am not making sense bc I am tired but its truly funny)

    E - LOVE Lilic bushes!!! And I am JEALOUS that you have one in your back yard! Scott just bought me this AMAZING jasmine bush, I hope it makes it in the winter (since we get snow in the DC area) but my step mom (who runs a landscaping business) gave me some survival ideas. Also I am trying to turn my front lawnish area into a lavender field. Well maybe not a field but a nice lavender walk way.

    F - YAY For snuggling and getting it on! ha but for reals I am making you an elephant hat

  8. Overall it sounds like a good week! Baby fever is random! Sometimes I love babies and aww over them on pinterest but mostly I can't imagine waking up to take care of one.

  9. I had no idea that was what lilacs looked like. :)

  10. That's funny, when I read about the 'baby fever' I thought it meant that you had just a little bit of a fever. Real human babies never even crossed my mind.

  11. Jealous of your desert rain. I've recently heard a (new to me) saying: "It's rained in El Paso since then" for if there has been a major time gap in something- that pretty much sums up how seldom we've seen rain since moving here in August.

    Your desert is much prettier than ours.

  12. Ha ha ha, "ovary-and-uterus-rattling baby fever." I can't stop laughing. That's an awesome way to put it.


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