Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Some Observations You Didn't Ask For

1. My iPod ran out of battery power so while it was charging I had to listen to the radio in the car.  I am one of those people whose brains light the fuck up for catchy, nonsense pop songs, but I gotta say that for the most part the allure of new top 40 music totally eludes me.  For example, I can't stand Adele.  That song where she strains neighs "I set feouririeerr to the reeihghhgghn" literally makes me cringe (it doesn't help that during our 4-day cross country trip I heard this song literally 17 times a day). Someone told me that Adele "strains her alto range" which I think is totally true. She's talented and gorgeous, but I think she makes the blood vessels in my eyes pop.

2. The band One Direction absolutely fascinates me. That "You Don't Know You're Beautiful" song is super catchy but I just find myself totally shocked that manufactured boy bands are, you know, a thing again. Listening to that song I think, "holy shit prepubescent ladies (and some boys I'm sure), how are you not aware at how manufactured these songs are and how obviously they are pandering to you? Christ, none of these boys are even from the same town, they were literally dragged together by a faceless record company solely to cater to your ever-changing tastes!" and then I realize holyfuckingshit, I bought into that shit back in the late 90s with N'Sync and the Backstreet Boys!  The cycle of tween girls falling all over themselves for impossibly attractive early 20-something boys continues.

3. And finally in the "music" category of my crotchety post, how about this song from Karmin?  First off, the male part of Karmin, Nick Noonan, is from Maine and went to a high school from which many of my friends graduated (we also graduated the same year, and I just looked up the girl on the Facebooks and we have a mutual friend).  Anyway I much preferred this band when they were doing silly raps on YouTube rather than the manufactured pop crap they're churning out now, but that "Brokenhearted" song is catchy and as previously mentioned, I'm a sucker for catchy songs.  I've even been singing modifications of it to Cypress using all her nicknames ("I've been waiting allll dayyyy for you to call me Diiiiddllerrrr...Honest, Scrabbler, Iiiii'd doooo anything Dids wannnnts toooooo").  I might be sitting at home alone too much.

4. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said "Report drunk drivers at #DWI" and my first thought was, "the police are monitoring hashtags on Twitter now?"

5. Robbie got called out for the first time yesterday. It was rough, guys. I got the text and immediately burst into tears (yayyy PTSD), then sort of shut down and cleaned for awhile.  I'm better now, and I think it'll get easier, but for now I'm wallowing a little, don't mind me. The upside is that Rob got me the number of a fellow significant other who has one fire season already under her belt.  She's really nice and we texted for a couple of hours last night; I think we're going to get our beasties together this weekend assuming the boys are still gone.

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  1. I think the police should monitor hashtags on twitter....


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