Thursday, April 5, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

Arthur C. Clarke Predicts the Internet & PC in 1974 (video).  I think stuff like this is so freaking cool.  Isn't it funny that people like this could accurately predict something for which they had no context? I'm probably just a huge nerd.

I Quit My Passion and Took a Boring Job.  This isn't a perspective you hear very often--especially on the interblogs--so I really enjoyed and related to this.  Thanks Nova.

10 Video Games Viewed from a Different Perspective.

Check out some of these awesome celebrity photos from photographer Martin Schoeller.

My new favorite Tumblr: Really, Fox News?

Awesome stereographic drawings...these are so freaking amazing, I couldn't stop staring at them.  Thanks again Nova!

13 Simple Steps to Get you Through a Rough Day.  I have been having a rough week (hence my silence on my blog) and I can attest to the effectiveness of these steps.

If Dogs Could Text.  Thanks to my friend Asta for this.

I totally bought this purse. It may not match anything I wear but I don't even care. I love it.

If you ever wanted to hear an authentic Maine accent, or wanted to learn how to effectively use the word "wicked" in a sentence, here you go.

The 5 Most Insulting Ways Products are Advertised to Men.

Empire Presents: The Top 500 Movies of All Time. Some of these are pretty messed up but we still had a blast going through them.

Very Interesting Facts about the Movie "Titanic."

Photos: The Ruins of Detroit.  I think I might've shared this before but hey, it's awesome.

I think this Tumblr may just change my life.


  1. i'm going to bookmark that link about 13 steps to get through a rough day. :)

    and i cannot imagine matthew mcconaughey playing jack in titanic. i'm actually laughing just thinking about it.

  2. Love that Titanic link!! I was 7 years old when that movie came out & I watched it around that age, it's been a favorite ever since. So has Leo. Ha :) Those were some really neat facts about the movie though.

  3. Totally needed the 13 steps to get through a rough day. Thanks! :)

  4. Love this!
    Also side note, my last job (I was a small groups coordinator and a graphics designer for a mega church in the DC area for 5+ years and volunteered with the high school students) it was my dream job and I LOVED it when I first started. But it BURNT me out. To the point where family and friends didn't even recognize me anymore because I was always working or always "afraid" I would get in trouble for something. For example since I was a single woman I could not drive in the same car as a married man (seriously nuts). So I quite when I found out I was pregnant (my husband had been encouraging me to leave for months) and the first person I called was my gay best friend Thomas (who I used to bring into work with me and who hated the place and would tell people they were hypocrites to their face) but we cried on the phone because I was so excited to leave. Long story short, its sad that I became a different person and so burnt out from doing something that I originally loved so much.

  5. Oh, great, I'm going to end up going through the Empire feature and counting. I know I can't resist!

    Hope you're doing okay. x

  6. Love the tumbler about the dishes. I think that a clean sink really helps keep me sane. It seems crazy but if the sink is clean, everything else seems less overwhelming.

  7. I just found the dog texts one recently too and laughed out loud at like every second one. It's just so good.

  8. That one second effing scene in titanic with the old people in the bed is the part that makes me cry every time. And now that I've read that they were real and the lady chose to die alongside her husband???@?@?@?!! I'm nearly crying again now.

  9. Yay, I haven't had good Internet so haven't been able to look at your links all week and I've been excited for them. They did not disappoint!


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