Monday, April 16, 2012

The Heath Ledger Story Continues...

So today I was working and minding my own business when I heard several coyotes howling very close by.  I have made known my theory that Cypress is playing out a "10 Things I Hate About You"-like romance with one of the coyotes, and I think that it stands to reason that we are at this point in the film, when Heath Ledger's character sings "Can't Take My Eyes off of You" to a clearly romantically overwhelmed Julia Stiles.

I took a video so you could be as entranced as I was by this extremely romantic gesture. For your benefit I even recorded Cypress's reaction. Coyote Heath Ledger's fellow coyotes, of course, are playing the role of the marching band.

Note: you'll probably have to turn your speakers up kind of high to hear them, my iPhone mic isn't the best.

All joking aside I did put Cypress in daycare today rather than walking her to keep her away from this hooligan and his marching band.

And no, this is not a dead horse and no, I'm not beating it.


  1. Haha! Cypress is clearly not impressed! She's like... dude. Just no.
    I am thoroughly amused by this '10 things I hate about Coyotes' love affair that is unfolding. Hilarious.

    p.s. that noise is actually pretty creepy!

  2. hahah that's awesome! i'm loving all the "10 things i hate about you"'s one of my favorite movies!

  3. Whats doggie day care? Seriously that would kinda freak me out because its during the day light! !

    Love the movie reference, poor cyprus looks kinda freaked, and by the way the view from your window is gorgeous!

  4. We run into coyotes on a regular basis right here on Canyon when we walk Rudy at night in the summer... when I was still working at at the bakery and going into work at 4 a.m. rare was the night I did not pass a few running down the middle of Paseo de Peralta. There are a bazillion of them around. What always sets me on edge is when there is a bear loose in the hood or even a mountain lion sighting (one time a lion was spotted downtown on the plaza a year or so ago.) I'll take the coyotes any day over those other two characters.

  5. Do not stop beating the horse corpse.


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