Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More Adventures in Domesticity

I talked at length in this post about how my newest role of "working housewife" has been suiting me relatively well.  I figured since now I'm another week out I could share some of my amazing accomplishments as said housewife.

I imagine those of you who are actual housewives with kids and shit are probably rolling your eyes at me, but I promise, for someone as lazy as I am these are real feats.

First off, on Sunday, I made a fucking stew.  That's right, my friends, a stew, and a relatively complex one at that.  I almost had it ready as soon as Rob came through the door, how is that for wifely service?

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Also on Sunday, I did all the grocery shopping for the next few days, bought Rob stuff he's been needing for work at Target (since he could get called out any day now), made the bed, walked the dog twice, picked up some prescriptions and bought the dog a new toy she loved, and planned a care package swap with this lovely lady involving some of my husband's favorite real Vermont maple syrup.  When he came home I told him of all these accomplishments, then immediately informed him that because of them he owed me dinner out some night while he's still around.  Kind of ruins the whole point of the "partnership" thing, but whatever, mama needs a margarita at Harry's and I walked the dog outside for Christ's sake. Twice.

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On Monday I finagled some VA stuff for him because he forgot to tell them he was leaving Maine (whoops), made dinner and did all of the dinner dishes, and let him watch the hockey game in peace while I read a book.  Does that last thing make us stereotypes? Because usually I like watching hockey, I just wasn't into it that night and Nicholas and Alexandra is getting really good.

Finally yesterday I did more grocery shopping and drove to Target just to get the peanut butter he likes and some non-health-food-store cereal, as well as some other items he's been needing for work.  I did all of these things (on Monday and Tuesday at least) while working a full 8 hours here at home.   Oh, and no big deal, but I had dinner ready when he came home


All joking and faux narcissism aside, I'm still enjoying having the ability to get all of these little things done around the house. It's been tough since I'm also on a project, but one of the great things about my job is the flexibility in when I can get shit done (and I do get shit done) and I'm taking full advantage of it.

Today is bittersweet, since though Rob is off of work technically, it's the first day his crew could be called up to go out on a fire.  As of today they could get sent anywhere in the U.S. for up to two whole weeks.  I'd just gotten used to the 5 days/week, 9am-6pm schedule so I can already feel myself detaching a bit in preparation for him being gone.  I just hope I make it through this summer with my sanity--or what's left of it after years of baggage--more or less intact.

I hope you're all having a great week so far.


  1. I feel like once I get married, this will totally be my reaction to becoming a "housewife" too... LOL. I''m going to be all like "LOOK AT ME GO I'M DOING HOUSEWIFEY THINGS". I totally understand where you're coming from. It's not in my nature to be extremely domestic, but I think I'll be able to get the hang of it one day, too.

    Best of luck to Rob with his job in the coming weeks! It sounds like a stressful job what with all the potential to be gone for 2 weeks at a time. Crazy stuff! You're a tough cookie though, you'll get through :D

  2. Yes I was quite proud of myself yesterday. I washed ALL the dirty clothes. I did ALL the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. I cleaned the litterbox, and washed our bedding. ALL IN THE SAME DAY. hahaha I am so not domestic.

  3. Oh wow I had no idea that Rob could be sent off to anywhere in the US! For some reason I thought he was going to be local.

    Um your kicking but in being a domestic goddess! That stew looks amazing and hey sometimes taking care of a dog is just as hard as taking care of a kid! Especially if you have coyotes trying to mate with cyprus when you walk him.

    Its okay to be proud to be all housewifey :-) I like to list everything out to Scott "look what I did while you were at work" mainly bc I used to be a workaholic before I became a SAHM and I think sometimes people thing SAHM's just sit around and eat bon bons in front of the TV all day long. But being a housewife with or with out a child is hard! Running errands, making dinner, cleaning, taking out the dog, changing diapers. Its all hard :-) and most times you won't get recognition or thanks for what your doing ;-)

  4. I for one am impressed. It's really easy to be home all day (or most of the day, in my case) and just watch Armageddon and eat spaghetti squash. You really do seem to get a lot done considering that you work from home and have a dog! I go through spurts, it seems. I'll spend a whole day getting so much done I don't even sit down and then a whole day doing like two things on my list.

  5. haha this is awesome. you should be proud! even though i work fulltime, i still feel so "house wife-y" when i do the dishes, or our laundry, or make dinner.

  6. That stew looks BOMB.COM. Any chance you'll post the recipe?

  7. I'd make a terrrrrrible housewife. It was my day off today and all I did was make a dress for myself. The Mr. totally worked all day, then came home and made dinner for my lazy ass. I did take the pup for two nice walks today though lol

    YES care package swap!! :)

  8. I'd be really impressed with myself if I accomplished as much as you. High five for gettin' shit DONE! Hopefully your enthusiasm rubs off on me a little, I'm having a hard time doing anything that isn't absolutely necessary right now. Sidenote... don't you love having a Target close to you now? Isn't it the best?

  9. omg, i love you and this post! yes, i am a sahm with kids but i am certainly not rolling my eyes! in fact, i didn't "stay home" until after josh was born and we actually had a rocky first 6 months with that new experience. it took me awhile to figure out the housewife thing. before i always worked. and i worked hard. and to this day dinner is never on the table when jon gets home!!

  10. Fuck yeah being domestic! You're a step above me -- I have yet to make a stew :O Now I hunger.


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