Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Day

First of all, I want to thank you all for the amazingly sweet, awesome comments, Tweets, and emails you sent me about my post yesterday.  I don't have a lot of friends nearby but it's nice to know I have such great ones living inside my computer.  I love you all.

Today was a much better day than the last few.  Yesterday I talked through the whole missing-Rob-thinking-he's-in-Iraq thing with my therapist and was in a much better place with the whole thing.  I woke up dreading doing my Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 exercise, not so much because it's tiring but because I'm tired of watching the exact same sequence that I have for the last 5 days.  Instead I went for a run with Cypress and it totally kicked my ass, so, win.

Just before my run Rob sent me a text saying he was on his way home and would be off by 6pm! I just about totally danced for joy. I couldn't stop smiling.

After getting a ton of work done I took Cypress for a walk and Robbie called me for the first time since Tuesday.  I was so, so fucking excited to hear his voice.  It's 5pm now so he should be home in an hour and a half, assuming no fires have popped up here in Santa Fe.

I stopped by the mailbox and found that my giveaway prize from Zelde's blog had arrived all the way from the UK! I won a hard boiled egg shaper thingy that's adorable and she also sent me some of her favorite Swiss milk chocolate!

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As a side note, the ingredients on this chocolate are listed in two languages (German and French), neither of which I speak.  Could anyone tell me for sure if this chocolate has flour or barley malt or other gluten-y things in it? I want to chow down.

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The final amazing 1/2 part of my day was that Cypress was finally able to go to the bathroom with no difficulty/diarrhea, etc.  I know, this is so gross, and I promise I won't show you a picture of it or anything...I've just been so anxious about her for the last week and it was such a relief to know she's okay.

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The only semi-bummer of the day was that it turns out Rob wasn't gone long enough to warrant giving him another weekend (since his "weekend" was Wednesday and Thursday and he was on the fire for both of those days), so he'll be back to work on the normal schedule tomorrow.  I'm just crossing my fingers they don't get called out between now and Tuesday so we can at least have somewhat of a weekend together.

But tomorrow I've made plans with Rob's crew mate's girlfriend to get our beasties together for a hike! So it's not all bad.

I hope you all had a great week, and once again, thanks for your continued support!

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