Monday, January 30, 2012

Vlog: Tips for Reducing Stress and Anxiety

After making a few of these vlogs I can confidently say that YouTube is on a mission to make bloggers look ridiculous through their video stills.

Find my post on grounding here.

How do you handle stress and anxiety?


  1. If you're working from home, puppy cuddle breaks also do wonders. ;)

  2. thanks for making this vlog caitlin :)
    i've been dealing with my anxiety and trying to get a grip on it for a couple years now, and i'm always looking for new tips and advice. it's so reassuring and comforting to hear you talk about it.
    i really like your tip on asking yourself if you're having an appropriate reaction to the situation. i do that too, and i run through a little checklist in my mind of everything going on at the moment, my reaction, etc.

    i'd love to see more vlogs, they're so fun to watch and i love hearing bloggers' voices!

  3. Good tips, especially about assessing whether a reaction is appropriate for worst case scenario. The anxiety thing I struggle with most is day-to-day conversation, so I really don't know how to help myself there. Drives me crazy. I can have a perfectly normal conversation with a shop attendant/taxi driver/tourist no worries, but when it comes to a casual conversation at work or with friends-of-friends I'm just so awkward and stuttery. Trying to work on it :-/

  4. fabulous Vlog. I struggle with deperssion and anxiety also at various stages. I find time to myself and a good dose of exercise works!

    xo em

  5. So well-spoken!
    Obviously you know I'm the worst at ACTUALLY stress and anxiety... but I TRY to handle it by channeling it into a workout or some writing, but those are after-the-fact things. I need to be able to get through that moment IN the moment more often!!

  6. If the world ends and we're all dueling for food, at least you'll have Rob! I feel like he'd be pretty handy in that scenario.

  7. Great vlog! Most of those strategies are new to me, so I'll definitely have to keep them in mind. I tend to avoid things when I get stressed out or anxious, but I've been working at actually dealing with it.

  8. I always forget how darn cute you are when you vlog, lol! "This is Caitlin. Obviously."

    Also, your tattoo looks AWESOME.

    I really like your tips for coping with anxiety. One of my best friends deals with this all the time, so I may pass those tips on to her. Great vlog, lady!

  9. great vlog caitlin! i've had anxiety for almost 9 years and it freaking sucks but i have learned a few ways to cope during my attacks. i found if i read something it is a great way to distract my current negative thoughts. even if its like reading a shampoo bottle. also the deep breaths help and just getting outside for fresh air cleans the cobwebs out. lately i've found screaming into the pillow is a great way to release energy. the neighbors are probably ready to call the police haha

  10. This is an awesome vlog. Nice work, lady! Glad you chose to do a video on this instead of a written post. I think the video looks great but I use Vimeo in case you wanted to try that. HUGS!

  11. My anxiety gets so crazy.. I haven't driven my car since October..that's the truth too... every time I get in the car with someone I start convincing myself that I am going to die. Morbid huh?

    Don't even get me started on the end of the world!

    Great video lady!


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