Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

Have you ever wondered if that Kanji tattoo actually says what you think it does?

Man builds fairy tale home for his family for only $4700! This is AMAZING.

This Facebook status has been going around for a bit but it makes me laugh every single time.

60 completely unusable stock photos.

Check out this hilarious "Fotoshop by Adobe" spoof video. Thanks Meg!

Sexist '60s Coffee Commercials.  How can such a pretty wife make such bad coffee?!

I love this post on marriage, which I found through Liz.

My new favorite Tumblr combines Arrested Development and Downton Abbey.

I can be kind of a language nerd so I really like things like lists of idioms.

For fellow book nerds: Bookshelf Porn. Totally SFW, by the way.

Check out these awesome Kindle covers!

Gah! These milk + sprinkle shots look amazing!

Famous websites depicted as superheroes.

These entries to National Geographic's 2011 photo contest are predictably amazing.

29 Video Game Characters That Would be Horrifying in Reality.

One thing that makes me very grateful to blog is all the people I connect with who become good friends.  Those people include, but are not limited to: Ayla, Amber, Jessica, Tricia, Sara, Nova, Ivelisse, Michelle (and Chad and Bodhi!), Adie, DEANNA, Melissa, Holly, Liz, Jessica, Maryam. I'm sure I forgot some so please don't take it personally; you know who you are :)


  1. I LOVE those kindle covers! Thanks for the shout out, lady.

  2. Oh my goodness, I want that fairy tale awesome!

    Yeah, those milk and sprinkle shots are so fun, aren't they?! I want to just have them out at a party because they look pretty lol

  3. i can't believe my name isn't on that list. (unless you changed my name to bodhi and i didn't realize it.) i DO take it personally.

    (i kid. i kid.)

  4. Aw, thanks for including me on your list!
    I am in love with that Facebook status lol. I had to send it to my cousins who love Twilight. I also loved the commercials, the marriage blog post, and plan to make that bookshelf necklace I saw on the bookshelf porn link.
    Any ways, thanks for wasting most of my Thursday morning. I can always count on you to do it right!

  5. that link to the fairytale home is amazing!

  6. Awesome post....I want that fairy tale home!!! Loved all those Nat'l Geographic pics well as the Bookshelf Porn photos!

  7. Ok, so I totally just sat on my google reader for about a half hour on this post alone... visiting every link and slowly getting distracted by each... just thought you should know :)

  8. Awwww thanks for the mention. I'm so happy I stumbled across your blog one random day!

  9. I love the first link and Jesse is going to love it even more. I had a friend with Chinese characters on his arm. When we visited a tattoo parlour in Beijing the artist told him that it was complete nonsense and had to fix it for him. It was a wonderful moment.

  10. i'm grateful for has brought people into my life like you ;)


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