Thursday, January 5, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

Check out this 86 year old's awesome rage comic.  Click the link and then click the image to magnify.

Loved reading The Bloggess's honest account of her recent bout with depression.

A list of Don'ts for Women on Bicycles, c. 1895. Thanks to Megan, my darling sister, for this!

Loved this article and this couple: Navigating Love and Autism.

This story about an older brother defending his younger brother to their intolerant father just warmed my heart. I super hope that it's real. Thanks for this too, Megan!

How to Explain Gay Rights to an Idiot.

12 Things Happy People do Differently.

Check out this awesome old school bus turned into a tiny house! I'd totally live there! (Thanks, Lauren!)

If you don't follow Margaret and Helen's blog, you definitely should.

I love Stephen Colbert.

This is pretty sad...and quite the commentary on American society and culture: Comparing U.S. & World Covers for TIME Magazine.

Tipping etiquette around the world.

Back to the Future: really, really cool photography project.

What are you loving this Thursday?


  1. i have seen a different set of those 'back to the future' pictures. and i love them!

    'don't ride in your brothers clothes just to see how it feels.' hahaha

  2. whoa! that comic was awesome!!! okay, still gotaa mkae it through the rest of your list, but wow! 86 years old, making a comic? awesome!

  3. LOVE the back to the future photography project. thanks for sharing it!

  4. Those Back to the Future photos are awesome! I should submit some of my own! =]

  5. oh i love that back to the future project!!!

  6. as a waitress, i especially loved the link on customary tipping around the world. i hope everyone reads that one!

  7. I love your linkies, Caitlin!

    Especially liked the Back to the Future bit - weird, and mind-blowing! And the 12 Things Happy People Do ... especially the bit about Learning to Forgive. I really believe this is a huge part of developing emotionally ... that if we don't forgive, we will become bitter ... and it will effect all the rest of our lives. I think it's an incredible thing when people can forgive being wronged.

  8. soooo many good ones this week!!!

  9. That bus-house is AWESOME. I'd totally live in there too!!!


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