Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Stuff & Things

Here are some of the things we've been doing this weekend.

1. I have been having the most vivid dreams EVER you guys.  I haven't been able to figure out what exactly is causing them; the only thing that's different is this cream I'm putting on my face for the treatment of milia (gross) and I can't imagine something I'd put on my skin could actually affect how I dream.  All of the dreams I've had have involved very strong, negative emotions--in my dreams over the course of the last few nights I was threatened with broken bones and sexual abuse by the evil guy in "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", I had a really horrible miscarriage while fighting with my husband in Iraq and woke up sobbing, and last night I had to sneak into Cypress's daycare to get a picture of her teeth and was caught.  That last one doesn't seem as intense but I promise you, it was pretty stressful.  Anyway though you might think that this would make me not want to go to bed, I'm actually interested each night to see what my brain will come up with.  Is that weird?

2. Rob and I saw a hockey game with his brother and his brother's wife last night.  As I've told you guys before, hockey is literally the only sport I can tolerate and actually enjoy watching.  It's fast-paced, very high-tension, and the periods are the perfect length of time (and the sport doesn't require you to stop every 5 seconds like football).  Plus our team won and we got to see some blood from one of the fights, and who doesn't love a good old-fashioned brawl?

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3. I finally sent my Nikon away to get repaired so you guys won't have to deal with randomly-sized iPhone images for too much longer.

4. I'm getting very close to my trip to Santa Fe and I've narrowed down the places that I most want to see. I can't really make appointments until next week, so I have all my fingers and toes crossed that the ones I want to see are still available at that time.  I don't want to jinx any of the good ones so I won't share any here...but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

5. I just finished this book about poison in Jazz Age New York and I loved it.  Maybe it's because I'm a huge crime nerd but I found it absolutely fascinating, and written in a way that was extremely approachable and intriguing.  Every time I'd read it I would excitedly tell Rob some fact or another that I had learned about Prohibition, murder, or poison.  I'm pretty sure he loved it judging by his half-hearted "mm" and "huh"s.  Also, this was one of the only times I've been genuinely disappointed that a book ended.

6. On a somewhat related note to the previous bullet point, in the book the author explains that the body of a person who was poisoned with arsenic decays at a much slower rate; she even cites one case in which a body was exhumed over a year after death that, aside from some "patches of mold" on the face,  was in near-perfect condition.  I decided to learn more about that, because I find things like putrefaction interesting.  So I started Googling, and fell down ye olde Internet Rabbit Hole and long story short, ended up on an article explaining why the Holocaust never happened.  A quick aside: this is not in line in any way, shape or form with my beliefs; the article was also about carbon monoxide detection in corpses, which probably doesn't assure you any further of my stability but there it is.  Anyway, a bit shocked to say the least I scrolled to the top of the screen and realized I was on the forum of a White Supremacist website. And interestingly, they had a whole forum dedicated to White Supremacist recipes you could make for your family. So if this blog gets shut down it might be because I'm being investigated by the FBI for racist cooking.

What scary and possibly damning websites have you visited this weekend?


  1. White supremacist recipes?! What is that?! Meals which they can be 100% certain were invented by white people? Or any old meal they've given a catchy racist name? The mind boggles.

  2. Wow...the vivid dreams thing must be going around. I've had some wild ones myself this past week and I don't typically have dreams. I was just thinking this morning that I wish they had some sort of crazy technology that could record your dreams because I have some damn good ones that would make great books, but I'll be damned if I can remember them within an hour or less of waking up, other than a few bits & pieces.

  3. i saw "girl with the dragon tattoo" on friday night and i keep waiting for the nightmares to start. i always dream very vividly and have at least one nightmare a night. loved the movie, but was definitely very graphic.

  4. I started reading Reddit.

    I will never be productive ever again.


  6. me too!!...weird ass dreams i swear are real until i wake up! have you ever had a dream where you think you wake up and you're all "woah, that dream was nuts!"...but you're still dreaming? happens to me all the time! haha!

  7. those are some crazy dreams! i have those from time to time. & they're always sooo vivid & strange. i once had a dream that i was at a concert & a three year old me with a bloody mouth kept following me around. i was super scared & wanted to leave but when i got to the parking lot three guys dressed as teletubbies threw me in the back of a van & kidnapped me.


  8. You got me at hockey. I read nothing else. I LOVE HOCKEY!

  9. Oh, I LOVE hockey - it's one of the only sports I enjoy watching and paying attention to. I'm from California (Bay Area) so I love the SJ Sharks! :D

    Hope you have a great week.

  10. They say the more you write down what you remember from your dreams, the more you remember them after you wake up! I hope you start having vivid GOOD dreams soon!

  11. My dreams are always super vivid and usually nightmares or super weird! I talk in my sleep a lot too so sometimes I'll wake up and Ryan will say "Did you dream we were attacked by bears?" and I have to admit that yes, yes I did. Supposedly cutting back on dairy helps but I wouldn't know. I basically refuse to cut back on dairy.
    Can't wait for your Santa Fe trip! Get a lot done but relax and have fun even more! =]


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