Thursday, January 12, 2012

Goals for Santa Fe

Since we found out that we will be moving to Santa Fe in February, I've been formulating some goals for myself in an effort to be proactive and not end up huddled in my room watching old episodes of 30 Rock and MST3k.  When I spent a month in Arizona, I was determined to get out and enjoy my time there, and that determination helped me from completely falling apart.

These sort of reflect my resolutions this year, but I'm hoping to flesh them out a bit more here. As I said in my New Year's post, I hope you will all help me adhere to these.

1. Join a Crossfit Gym.  I've learned something about myself over the last few months, and that is that I can't be trusted to work out without structure.  I can convince myself that I don't really need to do that set of arm curls because today's a rest day with ease.  I've eyed Crossfit, but we don't have a Crossfit program near us and I know it'd be difficult to do the Workouts of the Day on my own.  When I found out we were moving this was one of the first things I checked out, and I'm happy to say that there is a functioning Crossfit gym in Santa Fe.  Depending on costs and whether or not I have to travel for work, I want to join Crossfit within the first couple of months of moving.

2. Meet up with one or more of the groups on Have you guys ever heard of Basically it's a way to join and create meet up groups in a particular city or area.  I have already signed up for a women's group there and I really want to strive to meet some new people and make good friends.  A lot of the groups in Santa Fe have to do with tarot and developing one's psychic abilities, which aren't really up my alley, but I've found quite a few that I think may be interesting.  The key is actually getting up off my ass and going to events.

3. Don't take out any frustrations out on Rob. I talked about this in my resolutions post but it bears repeating, if only to cement it further in my mind-grapes. I tend to lash out when I'm feeling hurt or sad or hopeless, and because Rob for some reason agreed to be stuck with me for the rest of his life he's often on the receiving end.  But this isn't fair to him, and he deserves my support in this new endeavor.

4. Blog like crazy about the moving process and getting to know life as a "firefighter's wife."  I feel like my blog has been pretty stale since well, ever, so I think it'll be cool (and hopefully therapeutic) to share my growing pains with you guys.

5. Check out as many new restaurants as possible.  This one is pretty self-explanatory.  We'll have more money since Rob will be working, not studying, so we might as well get out and enjoy ourselves when we can.

I feel a little better (and a little less stressed) now that I've written all of them out.

Do any of you have advice for moving to a new city?


  1. i love making goals for fresh starts. and you're going to love cross fit! i don't train in a cross fit gym but there's an emphasis on it and my trainer adds lots of cross fit workouts when we train.

  2. Great goals!! Moving to a new place is always exciting/scarey but it allows a fresh start and new adventures! :) Making mini goals helps me stay on track with bigger goals. let's do this! p.s. I LOVE crossfit. Joining a crossfit gym is a great way to meet new people too! It's such a fun environment and usually the people are awesome. But here is my 2 cents (you can not even pay any attention to it if you want): if you've never crossfitted before and the first WOD leaves you a) throwing up or b) overwhelmed/intimidated or c) thinking you may die right there, Don't give up and keep going. It gets better. =D
    p.s.s. I love your blog. I read it a lot but have never commented.. so Hello! :)

  3. Very awesome post! The first thing I did when we moved was join and met some great ladies. I think the biggest part is getting involved in the community in some way, shape, or form! Finding great shops and eateries is one awesome way as well as joining the training group! I really am excited to see your journey!

  4. I've lived in three places my whole life. My hometown, my college town my law school/grown up town. It's sounds exciting to be able to start a new adventure and reinvent yourself!

  5. Sometimes just sorting out the things you want to do helps de-stress by like a million! That's why in the middle of exams I tend to find myself furiously scribbling out to-do lists instead of ACTUALLY studying, ha!

    Great goals though, I've never heard of but that's a really neat idea!

    And thanks for your lovely comment on my blog post today, even though I wasn't looking for compliments AT all, it's always nice to hear that people like reading :)

  6. Meetup is awesome! They have groups for everything. I originally moved down here to Austin for a boy, and when that ended up not working out a year later, I realized I had no friends of my own down here because they were all his friends that we'd been hanging out with. There was a period of major suckage. But then I discovered Meetup and also Meetin ( and jumped head first into social outings and different groups even though I'm usually pretty shy and it was super scary. But a majority of the good friends I have here in Austin now, I met through those groups (and one group in particular, my writers' group). So definitely give that a go! Book clubs, movie-goers, random-city-adventure groups... there's lots to choose from. :)

  7. Aw I love it! I had never heard of but I just might use it on our adventure!
    And definitely check for some GF food recommendations. =D

  8. I suppose the way I get through moving and changes is to think of them as adventures and stories I can tell later. I also find it helps me to look at new things through the lens of a camera, which is weird maybe but to think of a situation as a good photo op rather than a scarynewthing helps me cope.

  9. I love your list! And can identify with so much of it, I can't even say! But I am also really looking forward to reading about your move and life as a firefighter's wife ... I don't think I know any, other than you now! ;}

  10. good list! i think i mentioned we have friends there....i can get some info for you on good restaurants ;)

  11. I LOVE MST3K!!

    Ok, advice for moving to a new place: I moved a thousand miles away from my home about a year and a half ago, and the best advice I've been given which I now pass onto you is: If someone tells you "this is how we do things around here," don't believe them.

    When I moved here, I was pretty discouraged, to be honest, about how the people immediately around me told me people do things "'round here," because it just wasn't any lifestyle that I desired to emulate. But when I heard that advice, I decided "I don't believe them"... and since then I've found such an awesome community of people here that don't at all fit into the "way we do things 'round here". I probably never would have found them if I'd just accepted that they weren't anywhere to be found!

  12. 6. Meet up with Amber for a girls sleepover.

  13. Lady.... I just stumbled on to your lovely blog and guess what? I live in Santa Fe. I am gonna email you.... so watch for an email with Santa Fe as the header. ;)


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