Saturday, December 31, 2011

Obligatory Resolutiony Post

I commented this on the Twitters but I've noticed this year far more "resolutions are nonsense" posts than I have "here are my resolutions" posts.  This doesn't surprise me, since it's true that most people (myself included) tend to forget our resolutions after the first few drinks on New Year's Eve.

But since 2012 is going to be a year of such upheaval in the land of Caitlin and Rob (still waiting for an awesome celebrity-like portmanteau of our names) I thought that creating a few goals, we'll call them, wouldn't be such a horrible idea.  And now they'll be in print, meaning that you all will need to keep me in line.


Goals for 2012

1. This move will not get the best of me.  I will not collapse on the floor in heaving, stress-filled sobs (more than once). We will find an apartment or a house and though it may not be perfect, it'll be a place to live.

2. I will not stress about money.  We have plenty of funds to get us through moving and rent-paying, and if something goes wrong we can use our credit cards (not ideal, but we have no other debt aside from student loans) or we have family that could help us in a pinch.

3. Once we are in Santa Fe, I will not let myself become a hermit and hide inside watching 30 Rock and MST3k episodes.  I will join the Crossfit gym, I will find some groups on, I will make friends.

4. I will not take out my frustrations and my loneliness on my husband when he leaves for fire assignments. I know that this is how I've reacted in previous occasions but it's not acceptable.

5. I will not let our communication to waver or stop letting my needs known, even if Rob is gone for weeks at a time and we can't talk at all.

Seems like a simple enough list.  What are your goals for 2012? What are you doing for New Year's Eve?

Also, who is super duper excited for the Twilight Zone New Year's Day marathon on SyFy?!


  1. We watch the Twilight Zone marathon every year! Hee... Your resolutions 'sound' simple but I don't think they are. At least, for me they would not be. I didn't have time for meltdowns when we were moving last year, so I had them after we got here and I did become kinda hermity (is hermity a word?) once we arrived here. Good luck in your new place and may all your resolutions come true! Happy (almost) 2012! (:

  2. Oh don't you worry, we'll keep you in line. Wha-bah! (Friends joke) (from the show) (when Chandler can't make a whip sound)

  3. Good goals!

    You guys could be Roblin? or CaRob?

  4. I hope CaRob have an awesome 2012!

    Um, Twilight Zone is only my FAVOURITE THING ABOUT NEW YEARS!!! Rod Serling is from my home town, Binghamton. He names a lot of things in the episodes after local celebrities, local places, and local traditions, so it's weird to me when people outside of Binghamton talk about TZ because it's so close to our hearts as a community. I'll be watching too! Happy New Year!

  5. Yay, goals! :) I promise to help you hold your end of the bargain on these, ha! But seriously, you've got a good list going on, don't underestimate how tough it could be to complete them, but you'll feel so great when you cross each off in 365 days.

    Happy New Year!

  6. I think my husband and I should by RyraBell. He disagrees which leads me to believe he is an imbecile?
    Great goals! YOU CAN DO IT! I'm posting mine tomorrow.

  7. Moving is so stressful, whether it's across town or to another part of the country (I will concede that this is undoubtedly more stressful). Good luck with everything!
    By the way, thanks for including that info about the Twilight Zone marathon. I had do idea, and now I'm super stoked. :)

  8. THESE ARE ALL THINGS I HAVE TO NOT DO ALSO! Because seriously, I think we have the same kind of natural tendencies in regards to every single one of these (bad habits? Nah. Charming quirks, right?)

    Happy New Year beautiful girl!

  9. this is a good list! and looks like i will find you and my husband on the couch new years day watching the scy fy channel ;)

  10. I hope that Roblin has an amazing new year! I love all of these goals and I love your power of self reflection. You are such a special, beautiful person!!

  11. My husband and I are temporarily apart and in interesting cities (very different from his usual AF stations in the middle of nowhere) and we both have a habit of turning hermit without the other. It's sweet and also pathetic.

    And The Twilight Zone is also my very favorite part of the New Year and it makes me happy to hear that other people like it. When SyFy finds something else to run I may hyperventilate. Happy New Year!

  12. What about COB?! lol. I'm lame???

    Great goals! I need to do the same things. I blogged about my goals too :0)


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