Thursday, December 15, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Kristen Stewart explains this.

More Ugly Holiday Sweater Tees.

Walking Dead new favorite Tumblr. Thanks Liz!

Grammar Nazis...this video made me laugh, especially because I love "Inglourious Basterds."

6 People who Gained Amazing Skills from Brain Injuries.

I'm sure you've seen this, but here are the 45 Most Powerful Images of 2011.

Another favorite Tumblr courtesy of Nova - Fake Science!

Loved reading this story and this story about normal Americans leaving GOP nominees speechless about gay rights.

Self publish your book for free. Haven't looked too far into this but seems neat!

Why bra-shopping sucks. LOVE this.

How to shower like a man.  And how to shower like a woman.

Best balcony ever.

Waterless snow globes!

This is absolutely stunning - the Book Surgeon.

This story about a transgender teenage twin living in my state brought tears to my eyes. Such a wonderful family.

Danielle's HelloGiggles article about being visibly tattooed.  I'm not too covered but probably will be eventually, so I appreciated hearing this perspective.

Why does this never happen to me?

Have a wonderful Thursday, all!


  1. That was a wonderful story about the transgender girl... she's so lucky to have such incredible family.

    Also, I want a baby seal to sleep on my couch.

  2. Your TILT posts are so great. I am using the grammar nazi one in mine next week. And the t-shirts. And probably other ones too. haha

  3. I totally want an Ugly Sweater Tee...seriously such a cute thing!

    Yes, I love those 45 powerful images of amazing and sad.

    Bahahaha I just laughed so hard at "How to Shower Like a Man"

    Happy Thursday!

  4. Loved all of these! I would probably scream and cry at the baby seal, then "awwwww" after it left and I realized it was a baby seal.

  5. Ah! All of these links were awesome, lol! I loved the man/woman shower one hahaha. Epic.

  6. Hehe I want the seal too. Inglourious Basterds <3

  7. You are wonderful, I hope you know. My wife is transgender MTF and one of my friends sent me that link about the sweet transgender teenage girl. So, so sweet. I wish all families were as accepting. I wish all people were. More love, less cruelness. Always.


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