Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Decoration Time!

For some reason Rob and I put off Christmas decorating for a lot longer than we usually do this year.  Is it just me or has the end of 2011 crept up far too quickly?  Though I am excited to be in a year that ends with an even number, I'm not sure I'm totally ready for 2011 to end. I think the other reason we waited so long is that Rob is eyeballs-deep in finals, more so than he's ever been, and it means that most of our evenings are spent on our respective computers and not doing a ton of interacting.

On Monday we invited our friend Amie over and set off to get our tree, a blue spruce.  It's beautiful. We bought only one Hallmark ornament this year (an awesome Twilight Zone one--thanks for the heads up on this one, Alycia!) and received another ornament as a gift from Amie, which totally counts toward our "two Hallmark ornaments a year" tradition.


We also put out our favorite Christmas decoration, which I had totally forgotten about.  Behold, the Cypress nativity scene:


Isn't it darling? I bought it at this shop last Christmas.  The shop doesn't currently have nativity scenes anymore but I'm sure you can find them somewhere on Etsy.

We also watched all of the South Park Christmas specials, which despite the vulgarity still made me feel all warm and Christmasy.


Isn't Christmas magical? Are your decorations up?

Also, I'm sorry that my photos are so crappy. I miss my Nikon D60 (which, if you remember, died in Sedona) so very much.  I'm hoping to have it back soon.


  1. your tree looks beautiful! and yes, the end of the year has compeletly crept up on me too. it doesn't feel like christmas at all!

    that nativity set is so cute!

  2. Gorgeous! Love your Hallmark ornament tradition!

  3. Aw I love your tree and your doggie nativity scene! =]

  4. OMG the Cypress nativity scene! That's epic haha! Christmas decorations went up in my house about a week-2 weeks ago. That's usually what makes it REALLY feel like Christmas for me, so I'm feeling the Christmas spirit a little these days too! All I need now is some holiday movies and music and I'm all set.

    I love Hallmark ornaments! I worked for Hallmark for just over a year (2 Christmases) and the ornaments were always my favorite part. I wanted them all!

  5. Love it!! I love decorating for Christmas :)


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