Thursday, December 1, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

First of all, my good friend Justine just started her own blog, Rise with the Birds! Go check her out because she's awesome!

To go along with my "On Equality" post, this video (Two Lesbians Raised a Baby and This is What they Got) made me tear up a little bit.

10 Things 90s Kids will Have to Explain to their Children.

8 Words from my 5-Year-Old that Changed Social Media Forever.  This was a big eye-opener, and I'm not even a parent.

6 People Who Gained Amazing Skills from Brain Injuries.

Did you know that Google is canceling Google Friend Connect for non-Blogger blogs? {via Liz}

I hate Twilight and rather enjoyed this review of the new movie, Breaking Dawn Pt. 1.

Check out this awesome iPhone case I ordered for my new iPhone! Sadly it isn't one of the ones I showed in my Christmas list, but it was about half the price.

Imagine getting married here.  Swoon.

10 Types of Writer's Block (and How to Overcome Them).

Check out these awesome framed paper cuts.

What are you loving this Thursday? And of course, Happy December!


  1. Love those paper cuts! Amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. love these posts, thanks for sharing!

  3. your links posts are the only ones i care to read! :-D

  4. We're on the same wavelength little lady, I posted that video on my blog today. What an awesome speech! I was also giggling at that "what 90's kids will have to tell their children" I am totally on the hunt for some Lisa Frank now..

  5. these are awesome! you always have the best links ;)

  6. Great finds! Just wanted to let you know I passed on the Liebster blog award to you!

    Check it out here:

    -Grace Elizabeth.

  7. I loved all of these!
    The one about social media content did make me sad though. I've done that lots and lots of times. =[

  8. I think google is making a mistake with that google friend connect thing. It's going to do nothing but make a bunch of bloggers angry.


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