Friday, December 2, 2011

What Happens When Caitlin Gets Sick

I don't mind telling you lovely people that I am a whiny sick person.

It makes me cringe now, but when I was younger being sick gave me the opportunity to get attention--which I craved after I had cancer and was the center of a whole lot of attention--and to this day I'm still pretty childish about it.

What's funny about this is that when I'm being whiny I start to second-guess myself and become convinced that I'm making it all up for attention.  After I got tested for celiac disease, even when I had the diagnosis in my hand, I told my husband with total confidence that I probably didn't actually have celiac disease, that they made a mistake and that I caused my own intestine to damage itself with my mind.  I figured that if hysterical pregnancy is a thing, then so is hysterical celiac disease.

Aaanyway earlier this week I felt pretty under the weather and by Wednesday my whole body ached.  My skin ached.  As a side note, has anyone else had that symptom before?  Where it hurts to have things touch your skin? I actually winced when I put a bra on and jumped when Rob walked by and rubbed my back.  Bizarre. I'm probably making it up.

Suffice it to say I felt pretty awful and spent the entire day in bed, working and watching Arrested Development episodes on Netflix.

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20 miles to Lego Laaand!
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Pictured: Most pathetic thing ever. And my tyrannosaurus wrists.

The upside of being sick and whiny was that my husband made me a delicious gluten-free chicken pot pie using this recipe. It won't win any awards for being healthy but damn, it was yummy and perfect for a sick day.

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Today I'm feeling much better but my laryngitis is for some reason horrible so I sound like Lindsay on Arrested Development when she's hitting on Steve Holt (Heee thinks I'm cuuuute).  

In other sad news, No Shave November ended and my husband's positively majestic beard is gone.

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Taken after I killed him for not having a beard anymore.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  We're going to lay low and snuggle a lot.


  1. We're pretty sick around here as well, and I totally get that symptom every single time I am sick! The whole skin aching thing. Plus everything gets extremely cold to the touch for me. I wish you all the best in your recovery!

  2. I get achey skin all the time when I am sick! So happy to see I'm not the only one. I would tell my doctor but they would look at me like I was crazy. But it's a thing, and the worse symptom of all.

    I hope you're feeling better!

  3. I DEFINITELY GET ACHEY SKIN. I am also totally stoked to see that I'm not the only one either!!! Nobody EVER knows what I am talking about, and it's definitely one of the most debilitating symptoms for me!!!

  4. Sorry you've been so sick!!! It's not fun :( Feel better soon!

  5. I am so whiny when I'm sick. :P Especially if my worst symptom is a sore throat. I hate sore throats! Luckily Jen does take amazing care of me when I'm sick and will always cuddle me, even if she'll get sick in return. The best was when she walked down to a little ice cream store and got me a huge thing of fresh peach ice cream. So effing good when you're sick and your throat hurts. I'm drooling!

    Feel better soon, miss! And it's totally mcgoatly okay to crave attention when you're sick - or whenever! Attention is important!!! (Or so says the Leo...)

  6. Aw feel better soon! I have the most sensitive skin ever when I'm sick. I've actually cried from being hugged before lol. I feel like I have pins-and-needles the whole time. Very strange.
    I miss your husband's beard too. Everyone should have a beard. Every man, at least.
    And finally, hysterical pregnancy?! Whoa! I had never even heard of it. So interesting!

  7. i was fighting off a cold this week and woke up this morning drenched in sweat. i must have sweated it out because i feel all better today! hope you get better soon. the only thing i like about being sick is being able to stay in bed all day and have an excuse to watch all my favorite shows! heehee!

    and the skin thing, i get that all the time. i have really sensitive skin, so i know what you mean.

  8. Oh goodness ... feel better, friend!

    Also, how did I miss that you had cancer?!

  9. I am SUCH a whiny sick person. It's not even funny. I could be making this up but I think your skin starts to ache when you're getting feverish or when you have the flu. Happens to me too. Also usually a sign your body is finished. Rest is all that helps! Hope you're back to yourself asap... PS I want that chicken pot pie om nom noms

  10. I could watch Arrested Development ALL DAY LONG. Hmm, maybe you need to cyber cough on me so that next week I can stay home "sick" and watch it! ;)

    Feel better.

  11. I like how the comment train turned into sharing who has achy skin. On the same note, ME TOO! Even sitting on the toilet it uncomfortable. Having the cold porcelain on my legs. eep. Not fun. I hope you feel better soon. Rest up! :)

  12. Being sick really sucks. Hope you feel better soon! Oh, and stop killing your husband!

  13. Yeah, I get achey skin when I'm coming down with a bug.

    Well, you might be whiney when you're ill... but you're still funny! Glad you're on the mend.

  14. Yays for:

    (1) Arrested Development!

    (2) Husbands who make you delicious food

    (3) Magnificent beards (my husband is sporting one right now!)

    I like your every day kind of posts. They aren't boring. They're cute and usually make me laugh. :)

    Also, I've totally gotten that symptom before. I feel like it usually happens when my body is preparing to be sick, or right when the sickness hits me. I've never jumped, but my whole skin surface is just extremely tender. It's stupid.


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