Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmasy Things

Hoo boy, Christmas is over! Did it go by far too quickly for anyone else?

After a day of rest following our vacation (post about which is forthcoming), we drove to my sister's place to have Christmas with my mom on Friday.  We bought my 2-year-old niece some of those giant cardboard blocks which was pretty awesome sauce to watch.  My mother bought me a neat piece of photographic art that spells out our last name with beautiful architectural and natural photographs.  Rob and I are always looking for new art pieces to put on our wall and I'm sure it'll look fabulous in our new place.

After Christmas #2, we drove to Rob's parents' house.  Rob got really sick due to a gross buffalo chicken wrap he had eaten earlier in the day, so suffice it to say he has somewhat of an idea what it's like to be Caitlin eating gluten.  My mother-in-law kept feeding Cypress huge bits of ham and then was wondering why she was being followed around all day:

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On Christmas Eve I attended mass with Rob's parents and sister, which was a first for me but I enjoyed it regardless.  I'm not religious, nor do I believe in God, but it's interesting to me to watch and listen.  Afterward we watched "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation," which is Rob's family's Christmas tradition. The temperature dropped insanely low, which on a normal day would piss me off.  But Christmas Eve is best suited for winter, am I right?

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Christmas morning came and yes, I was the second or third person awake at around 7:30.  I love Christmas morning.  We opened our gifts, which included an awesome camcorder for Robbie and I and some new MST3K episodes.  The harbor was stunning and I'm amazed at how well my iPhone 4S captured it. Also, Cypress is adorable.

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After a very successful Christmas morning #3, we drove to my dad's house.  It was great seeing my sisters and dad again, especially since this is one of the last times I'll see them for awhile once we move (sad face).  I got the keyboard for my iPad that I wanted, a new knife set from my younger sister, and an awesome handmade iPhone doc from an amazing book of Russian prison tattoos from my older sister:

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How cool is that?  I told her she should sell them. Because she knew we'd love the book as well as the dock, she bought us a pristine version too! Extra win.

Today was Christmas hangover day, one of the roughest days of the year in my humble opinion.  We made the long drive home, and once we got home I opened Robbie's gift to me: a really nice hiking rucksack specifically made with a spot for my camera once I get it fixed.  He's magical. 

I also let him open his gift for our anniversary on Wednesday, the perfect shave kit!  Yes, we are old. 

Anyway reality begins once again tomorrow, as does all the stress of our upcoming move.  I told Rob to expect at least one all-out crying fit but hey, I guess we'll see.  

Was Santa good to you this year?


  1. That picture of the harbor is breathtaking! Sounds like you had a good christmas, good luck with your move :)

  2. Aw your Christmas looks so fun! I can't wait to see your vacation pictures too! =D

  3. Ah, sounds like fun! I can't wait to hear more about your vacation. Your Facebook pictures made me so jealous. I want to be on a beach in December, ha :)

    Love that iPhone book/dock. Your sis is so smart to make that!!

    STILL cannot believe you are moving away. I still feel like you're leaving me behind in the ridiculous cold of our Northern part of the world LOL. I'll forgive you one day, I promise ;)

  4. Christmas did go by fast this year! Sounds like you got spoiled. We did pretty well ourselves!

  5. I am in LOVE with that book! It looks freaking fantastic. So happy you had an amazing weekend - what are your plans for NYE?

  6. AHHH Christmas hangover day condolences to you! I feel your pain.

    Sounds like a good holiday though!

  7. cardboard blocks are amazing. gage and owsley have a couple packs, and they will play with them for hours.

    i've never been to a religious christmas service before. it might be interesting to see.

  8. Happy belated anniversary and Christmas. :) That scene of the water is breathtaking! Absolutely stunning! The iPhone camera rocks.

  9. Christmas Hangover Day! HA!!! Buzz celebrated that holiday yesterday too ;)

  10. Hey Caitlin, I love your blog, I can relate to your life a lot. I'm living with my boyfriend in Miami, have 2 kitties and no kids, love hiking, crazy bout animals and am trying to teach myself modern art painting and have been doing ceramics for many years.
    I love, love your doggy pics and would have liked to see your photo gift from your mom on your blog.
    Over the festive season I had a hannuka dinner with my sister-in-law, listened to my brother-in-law sing in the most angelic choir and had all the nephews and uncles together over Christmas. We had a few clowns in the family reunion who had very dry sharp humour which jollied up the atmosphere to loud laughs and teasing and debating.
    I got spoilt rotten, some of my favourite gifts was a T-shirt from an elephant sanctuary in kenya, a boomerang from Australia, shorts from Guatemala and my new Tracfone SVC phone.
    My boyfriend says nothing beats his new kindle fire, as it is a great enertainment centre with movies, music on etc.
    I also cry every time a leave a home with memories, but try to focus on the fun of decorating your new home.
    Happy New Year to you all.

  11. Santa was in top form this year, I think. I'm gonna go ahead and say it - the North Pole is recession-proof. My mom knitted me this completely perfect red throw that I have been basically wearing around the house since Christmas. I'm probably going to pull a Linus and take it to work with me next week.

    I love that iPhone dock! That's so creative! And I kind of want to steal that book from you. Glad you had a good Christmas!

  12. I love the book ipod charger! what an AWESOME idea! and that photo of the harbor is just STUNNING. Love the fog.
    Thanks for linking up with Scenic Glory and me for the holiday photo show off!



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