Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Feeling Off, the Future, Tattoos & Guest Posts

1. I've been feeling really off lately, which explains why I've been ignoring my blog the last few days.  I miss writing but I also feel like I'd have no idea what to write.

2. I've also been having a stressful few days.  Robbie and I are waiting to hear some news that'll affect how and where we live the next few years of our lives; I don't have to tell you that I don't deal well with the unknown and conjecture.  I want to be able to plan now.  Anyway, I'm hoping everything will be figured out by week's end and I can share everything with you guys.

3. I decided to get a Maine-specific tattoo in case we do in fact leave here soon.  I always figured we wouldn't be able to stay in Maine after Rob graduated because jobs are so hard to come by here, but Rob and I are very attached to our unpopulated little state.  Truth be told, the idea that our children (should we have them) will most likely not be from Maine weirds me out a little bit.  Anyway, the design that I think I've settled on is a Sailor Jerry-esque swallow modified to look like a chickadee holding a small banner with "Dirigo," the Maine state motto.  I got this idea from a girl I knew as a camp counselor and frankly I'm pretty excited about it.  I am also considering a moose silhouette, but we'll see.

4. I bet you were wondering what I'm honestly wearing today...well, I did not forget:


5. Rob and I are going to be away from December 17-21 and I was wondering if anyone was interesting in doing a guest post here on ye olde blerg.  Your post can be about anything.  If you're interested go ahead and send me an email at tomakelovestay at gmail dot com.

Have a great week all!


  1. yay for a beloit sweatshirt! :)

    can't wait to see a pic of the tattoo!

    i would volunteer to do a guest post, but i've been really lame about posting on my blog, so i probably wouldn't be the best option. haha

  2. niiiiice! I love the idea of the chickadee...better than my lobster claw nipple idea...

  3. can't wait to see the tattoo. i've always kind of wanted a traditional lighthouse and anchor tattoo for my childhood memories of maine. can't wait to see what you come up with.

    also can't wait to hear where you guys are relocating to...really hoping it's california! ;)

    hope you have a great day my dear! <3

  4. Ah girl, hopefully you find your blogging-mojo back soon. Everyone goes through a "I don't know what to write" phase, that's for sure. I know I do rather regularly! Maybe once you get back from your vacation with Rob you'll be more in the spirit of writing :)

  5. You should make the banner should say "AYUH!"

  6. my guest post is going to include some of my homemade porn. i hope you don't mind.

  7. Hopefully between the stress and everything you'll get over these few days of feeling offness.

    I love the idea of a Maine tattoo.. I know that people who haven't lived here probably don't understand how much people can become attached to it. Once you get it, I want to see pictures!

    And I'll be emailing you about helping you guest blog while you guys are on vacation!

  8. Sorry about your offness! I've been feeling it for about a month now too. I think it's something about winter. Bleck.

    The tattoo sounds adorable!

  9. I just stumbled across your blog and read your "about us" story. My husband and i met in high school too and I LOVE our long history. You guys have been through thick and thin together. Great love story :)

  10. hehehe i wish i was wearing sweats today too....

    cute blog!!!

  11. omg i hate dealing with the unknown and it seems thats all my life has been lately. i want to know things so i can plan accordingly.

  12. I've been feeling off a lot myself lately, and it just seems to be getting worse but I am hoping I can snap out of it and return to my normal self soon. Your tattoo idea sounds cool, where will you be getting it?


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