Thursday, July 7, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Time for yet another installment, friends!

I may have bought this lovely seersucker dress. Hope it fits!

Making sense of dreams: an infographic.

Kurt Vonnegut explains drama. Amazing, especially because I love Kurt Vonnegut.

Loved this entire article: How to Talk to Little Girls.

Check out these close-up images of human eyes.

These images are creepy as hell...but still enjoyable!

Super creepy images (detect a theme here?) of a deserted Six Flags in New Orleans.

Looking for a fun new color scheme for your blog? Check out the Color Scheme Designer.

Look at this amazing toilet paper roll art! WTF?

If you haven't seen Dear Photograph, check it out now. Super amazing/inspirational/tragic/heartwarming.

Love this article, and I hope I remember it if we ever have girls: Why Keeping Little Girls Squeaky Clean Could Make Them Sick.

Some blogs I'm enjoying of late and always: TART, Soul Singing Liv, Delirious Rhapsody.

What are you loving this week?

And, a very important question was asked of me by the cashiers at Hannaford the other day: Who would win in a fight, Kermit the Frog or Elmo?


  1. thanks for the blog love! :) those six flags pictures were pretty ominous. i didn't even realize new orleans used to have a six flags park.

  2. Omg those eye balls freaked me out! They look like planets!

  3. I want to look at ALL of your links, but the Dear Photograph site is SO COOL!!! I want to do that now!

  4. Toilet paper roll art- whoa and close up of human eye- double whoa. Intense stuff right there. Kermit VS Elmo... Hmm. I'm a bigger Elmo fan but I think Kermit would win the round ;)

  5. that dress is so cute! and i love the link to "when a photograph is not just a photograph"!

  6. There's a lot of creepy photos in here. ;) I love these post series you've been doing!

  7. The post on how to talk to little girls was wonderful. Great points on our world, and a heartwarming description of what it could be like if we focused on things other than looks. Beautiful.

    I'm really impressed by that toilet paper art. I mean....WOW.


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